Outdoor cam sound detection

Does the outdoor wireless cam have noise detection option? I want to use it indoors for motion and sound alerts, in kids room, cause it’s wireless. I know I picked up motion, but will it alert for sounds as well? Thanks!

@jstowell21 Welcome to the Wyze community! No, the outdoor cam doesn’t have sound detection like the v2 cams. It detects motion but not sound, so no sound alerts.
If this is what you need, you can go with a wired v2 indoor cam. It will send an alert for sound, motion, and person.

If you would rather have a wireless unit with no wires, just buy a baby monitor with audio and video. Amazon has a nice selection.


Welcome to the Wyze community!
@StopICU33 has a great idea and explanation!
My guess would be that having sound notifications would run down the battery quicker because there’s so many sounds outside. The camera would also have to be constantly listening for sound.

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Google just released an indoor and outdoor camera… last 2 yrs on two AA batteries and It has a ton of features and controls far surpassing what this company presently offers… Caveat is that they are about 2 or 3 times the price… well worth it in my estimation to eliminate the continuing disappointment and unreliability of the ones I have now

Two times the price for two times the features.
Wyze will eventually catch-up and add things.

It all just depends on what your trying to do. For me the WCO is perfect, but I understand for many it’s not.

Wyze is Known for having inexpensive equipment, and on some level you get what you pay for. It’s all about trade offs.

Yup, you are correct, but some customers cannot see that.