Sound Detection Recording?

I need to record video based on sound without motion, trying to log my neighbor’s dog barking on the other side of the wall, to prove he barks just as much as my dogs.

I contacted Wyze on Amazon prior to purchase, and they assured me this was a feature of the Outdoor Cam V2. Camera is setup, pet detection enabled, CamPlus subscribed, and I don’t see any way to record based on sound alone.

With motion, I see pet detection, but this guy’s German Shepard is barking all morning, and there are no recordings of it. My dogs walked over to the fence, and I got a pet detection from their motion.

It’s an acreage and I don’t care about anyone’s dogs barking, but this guy keeps filing complaints with the County over my dogs, and he works from home, so he takes iphone clips all day and sends them to me.

His dog literally barks twice as much if not more at least when I’m home; showing him a log, or presenting the log to animal control, might make this guy go away, hence the Wyze camera.

Is there a different Wyze product which can record based on sound without motion? Do I need to apply an update or make some kind of a rule to record based on sound alone?

I don’t have the Outdoor V2, I have the Outdoor Version one cams on Cam Plus lite and record sound is in Advanced settings, record sound. I have never turned it on to see if it works ???

This is a V3 camera with cam Plus:

No option for sound notifications, fully updated. Record sound is enabled, but it only records audio when recording motion activated videos.

It seems the wireless cameras don’t support sound based notifications / recording?

For a sound based event, can I record a clip to CamPlus?

Cam Plus will record and notify SOUND EVENTS on the V3 so I would think it would work on an Outdoor V2 on Cam Plus. The screenshot you posted has a cooldown period of 5 min. ? Is that camera not on Cam Plus? Maybe @IEatBeans or another user will know if sound works on the outdoor V2.

The battery cams can record sound but they cannot be triggered by sound. They use a PIR sensor to wake up, so they aren’t able to constantly monitor the mics like wired cams.

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Thanks for the information. I’ve had my cams for so long I forgot they like to take a lot of naps and only wake up when something moves. I have one that just loves the apricot tree. :upside_down_face:

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