Any workarounds for crippled Wyze sound detection?

I have a noisy neighbor and want to record and document dogs barking at 2am etc using my wyze cams. Using the camera view with timestamp and the timeline on the Wyze phone app would be a very effective way to display the nuisance to any officials.

But, I have found that the Wyze ecosystem does not handle sound events at all well.

No matter which cam used I have found:
Sound events are subject to 12s / 5min cooldown even if you have CamPlus
Sound events are NOT recorded to SD card at all ( unless set to continuous) even if you have CamPlus!

Has anyone found a way to get around this using external control via Alexa /IFTTT etc - e.g commanding temporary continuous SD recording?

Another possible kludge would be a small adjustable sound detection device that flashes a led when it hears a loud noise in the field of view of a camera triggering ‘motion’ but I have not seen anything like this online I can buy.

Any ideas?


Diff-abled, if you don’t mind. :wink:

I will be of no help but I’ll be interested to see the suggestions. I live in an urban noisy ambient area (24/7) so sound detect has been a non-starter for me. And the smoke/CO thing as well - it has never detected any alarm (though to be fair I haven’t tried it in a year.)

I would suggest one quick low tech approach. Next time the dogs go wild, start recording.

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I’m thinking @bryonhu may have something in his ‘parts pile’ that’ll do the trick. :slight_smile:

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This is a V3 cam which has weaker audio sensitivity than a V2, you can clearly hear the dog barking at beginning and end of video. NOTE the Dog Barking is close to 300 feet away where the lights are on the right at end of my driveway.

There are Internet connected audio recording devices but their price far exceeds a V2 or V3 camera and for that matter even exceeds the cost of getting CamPlus for the short time needed for your documentation

Or use a old smartphone that you no longer use with the “Barkio” App ----> Click this link for Barkio App - iOS & Android

That was just a quick search on Google and I am sure there are plenty of other Apps out there…


I’d just switch to continuous SD card recording. I’d also use a V2 if available. The V3 doesn’t seem to have as clear an audio capture IMO. The V2 had a few seconds delay (varied), but you will just be recording the sound, right?

Continuous SD card recording will get you 3-8 days of 24-hour coverage on a 32 GB card, depending on whether you are in HD or SD resolution.

Make a note of when you are disturbed by the barking, and extract as long a video as you like the next day using Playback mode.


All that our techs have found is they turn up the sensitivity all the way up to 100

Look s like I will have to use continuous recording and go through the hassle of editing hours of nothing to highlight the noisy parts.

This would be so much easier if Sound events could be recorded to SD

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Or just get Cam Plus for 1 or 2 months and cancel when done,

$2 or $4 for 1 or 2 months to save the “Hassle of editing”

Seems like a easier way to go to me…

Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code - Be sure to select Monthly option :exclamation:


Been there, done that - CamPlus is zero help in that it does not record sound events beyond 12seconds with 5 min cooldown that I have already.

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Your test clip was likely motion triggered and NOT audio triggered which in my testing behaved differently.
Try my test - get behind the camera ( so it sees no motion) and loudly speak the time and keep speaking for more than 12 seconds. If enabled you will get an alert/notification but recording is only 12s
Try again 3 minutes later - won’t work - ignores new sound event.
Try again another 3 minutes later ( total 6 minutes) it will work again

I saw no difference between my V2 cam and V3 with Camplus

I am in a similar situation with similar sound problems!
I have read these posts and agree with the OP.
I’m using 3 v3s outdoors - You are correct “Sound Event Recording” Blows :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Guess Wyze has some Explaining to do Lucy :exclamation:

Maybe open a trouble ticket for Wyze Cam Plus Service?

Seems if they state “Sound Triggered Alerts” They should record them with or without video motion.
This should be an escalated request to Wyze team for Cam Plus Service.

I did not even get any audio captures without video motion like you stated.

Maybe a noise triggered strobe light to make video start, then you’ll get your audio…LOL - JK

I think the comparative feature list above is misleading - but true.
Both basic plan and cam plus have ‘sound triggered alerts’ - they are in-fact the same but the copy suggests that No cooldown applies to everything below it - sneaky.

Maybe try that Barkio App I suggested or another sound logging App on a retired smartphone you have in a box or drawer?

Add this toy aimed at the fence (or your neighbors window…LOL)
JLPOW 8W Mini Sound Activated 36 LED Strobe Light review ← Link to Video review to see it’s possibilities :rofl:

Available on Amazon JLPOW “Fork Your Neighbors Dog” White Strobe Light ,Super Bright 36 LEDs Flash Stage Lighting ,Sound Activated

Then the Wyze Cam will have it’s Video Event (the strobe flashing) and maybe it will also annoy your neighbor, like your neighbors dog is annoying you…LOL

Just get the aimimg of both the Wyze cam and sound activated strobe correct so it doesn’t blind you or Wyze Cam, too bad if it bothers the neighbor. Explain it won’t flash without his/her stupid dog barking :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Alexa has a trigger for the sound of a dog barking heard by an Echo device.
That trigger can activate a scene.
The scene can trigger an IFTTT applet.
The applet can record video on a Wyze camera.
Result: automated recording of barking dog.


Wrecks0 has suggested a promising solution.

I will test this and report back in a few days.

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Wrecks! Wrecks! Wrecks!   :raised_hands: :slight_smile:

Wonder if the O is for Oedipus.