Wyze CamPlus subscription does NOT remove 12-second limitation, nor 5-minute cool-off period for recordings triggered by sound events

I purchased the Wyze Cam v3 because it was reported to have the best ability to distinguish dog barking from other noises, and I was very pleased with it’s capabilities. The user interface is great, and I am very happy with the results, except for one thing… sound-triggered records are still limited to 12 seconds, and a 5-minute “cooling off” period EVEN with a CamPlus subscription.

I purchased a CamPlus subscription in order to eliminate the 12-second recording limitation and the 5-minute “cooling off” window, but was extremely disappointed when, after purchasing the subscription, that these limitations were ONLY removed from events triggered by MOTION, not SOUND. I understand the reason for requiring the subscription to give users access to more premium services, but why limit those premium services to only MOTION-triggered events?

My goal is to capture and document dog barking events in their entirety, not just the first 12 seconds, and to record only those events to the SD card. Currently, I have to have continuous recording turned on to capture the full event, and then manually search those recordings around the 12-second clip when barking is detected.

And to make matters worse, when I first contacted Wyze Support through the chat option, the level 1 reps had no idea that the subscription did not impact sound-triggered recordings. We went round and round tryying to troubleshoot an issue that ended up being something native to the camera system.

As an IT professional, I know it is possible to build on the code that allows CamPlus-enabled devices to apply the same logic as it does to motion-triggered events to sound-triggered events. Either this was just an over site on the part of the designers, or it was intensional.

On their plan comparison page (Wyze Web App) it seems to indicate that all events recordings are “back-to-back” with a CamPlus subscription.

Wyze, please allow sound-triggered events to also benefit from the elimination of the 12-second clip limitation and the 5-minute cool down window, for CamPlus subscribers, just like you do for motion-triggered events.

Thank you.

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