4-5min intervals not recording

So after all this time and service subscriptions. Why is it I still have 4-5min intervals where the camera doesnt record. The app will record and store several videos but then after like 4 recordings it takesa 5 min break from recording. I’ve been trying to find out where this mysterious stain on my couch came from? But of course, it falls into the 5 minute pause break.

Either a uSD card in the camera set to continuous recording, or CamPlus. Either will solve your problem with the cooldown. You’re on your own for the stain on the couch…

I’ve noticed this behavior even when subscribed to CamPlus, depending on the event that triggered the recording, the cooldown still applies – I’m not sure if that is a bug or intentional.

I tested it with my dogs for the “Sound → Barking” trigger. Dog bark at 4:36p, event recorded. Dog barks again at 4:38p and 4:39p, no events recorded. Dog barks again at 4:42pm, event recorded. I did multiple tests over time with this and the behavior was consistent, so it wasn’t a matter of it just not detecting the intermediary events.

I have also missed what should be events - but I hardly ever use them. About all I use events for is to see when I might need to look at the uSD card recordings. I do have uSD cards in every camera and they are all set to continuous recording. That way I don’t miss stuff.

If I recall correctly, all sound triggered events have a 5m cooldown between events regardless of subscription. Sound Events also only produce a 12s video upload regardless of subscription.

Also, when a Cam is uploading a Sound Triggered Event, it cannot be triggered by a motion event.

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Are you seeing a 5m cooldown placeholder within the Events list or is it that the cam just doesn’t upload events during that time?

What subscription is on the cam?

What is your sensitivity setting?