Camera recording delay between recorded events


What is the default delay time between recording events? How long does it take for another recording event to start after one ends?

There seems to be quite a gap between events. example: I am home and UPS drops off a package, I go out 20 secs later to get it. The only recording event I get is the UPS delivery and Not me picking it up off the front porch.

Is there a place in the settings that I can change this gap time?

This could be an issue if I needed to capture video of a crime being committed at my home.


Hi, @cds_stevens. Welcome! Here is how it all works from the support pages.

Cool Down Period

When a Sound or Motion triggers a 12-second Event Video there is a 5 minute cool down period. Sound and Motion are separate triggers. So if a sound triggers an Event Video it will have a 5-minute cooldown, but if something then triggers via motion, during that time period it will also trigger an Event Video. Then there will be a separate 5-minute cooldown period for another motion-triggered video.