Wyze Cam Outdoor - Sound detection and events

It would be helpful to have sound recording on the outdoor camera for people to have the option to record dogs barking or to have evidence of neighbors breaking noise ordinances.

The hardware might not be capable of this since it is designed to only wake up when there is a change in heat detected by the PIR sensor.

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Sound Detection Event Record - Wyze Cam Outdoor

When released, Wyze Cam Outdoor had the ability to record sound events but this feature has been removed from the Event Recording option menu.
I understand that these increases the amount of videos recorded on the Cam Plus service, but that feature was a deal breaker when I decided to buy Wyze Cams and it was removed wihtout previus notice.
The request is to enable again this feature, as other Wyze Cams already have, like the Wyze Cam v3.