Wyze outdoor cam: turn on sound triggered recording

New user here. Just got cam plus for my outdoor camera because it promises sound triggered recording: Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code

I have been unable to find this in the app. What have I missed? Probably that the outdoor version doesn’t support sound based triggers? ( want to record dogs barking at us)

You are correct, the WCO doesn’t have the sound triggered event clip feature. Do you have the ability to have power at the camera location? You can go with a v2 or v3 at the spot instead?

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Thx! Will look at one of the others. It’s under an eve so it probably doesn’t NEED to be the outdoor version and there is power nearby.

If power is anywhere nearby, or is fairly easy to get power to a locations, I’d highly recommend the v3, unless you really really need the pir detection system of the wco. V3 is very superior due to features, night performance, local storage, pretty much everything. Have I talked up the v3 enough? The v3 is an outdoor rated camera, but mount it under an eve and your really good to go.