Motion and sound events

I’m having trouble on outdoor cams with motion detection and sound detection.

I’ve been playing with detection areas and sensitivity, but I wanted to see if I could get some advice from the community.

Here are the unwanted events that I am recording:

  1. Snow. I have toned down sensitivity, but still record constant motion events on snowfall.
  2. Sound. I have turned sensitivity all the way down to 1, but still record events due to wind or distant trains.
  3. Unwanted vehicles. In my front yard, I have dialed the detection zone to be only within my driveway/yard, but at night get many vehicle motion events due to headlights from passing vehicles shining into my yard.

I really love these cameras, but it would be great to learn how to fine tune the settings so that I’m only recording and being notified when it is something useful.

Anyone else run into these issues?

I assume you are talking about the V3 camera and not the battery powered WYZE cam outdoor. The WCO has no setting for sound. The V3 does. Open the cam to live view, tap the gear top right, go to event recording and turn off the sound. If you just want notifications for people go to the settings, notifications, turn on WYZE AI events and turn off all other motion events. AI is supposed to work for vehicles but it doesn’t. The camera will still record everything it sees, you just won’t be notified.

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