Could hear dogs barking through my baby’s cam

Hi! I have 3 cameras for a year now. Never had a problem like this. This morning I could hear dogs barking in my baby’s room while she was sleeping!!! I have a very strong password and double verification! How could this be and how do I make sure it never happens again!?

Not sure it it’ll help, Maybe slight overkill, but I would delete the camera from Wyze App… Then try either setting up one camera at a time again onto a different router in your house (with different SSID login password) or… If you only have one router, re-configure that existing router but with a totally different SSIS name and password… Then re-install and setup your three Wyze camera …

Otherwise, you may end up being constantly concerned about camera(s) being hijacked… Hard to say nowadays… with so many people not working or in school, there potentially maybe more people with idle time on their hands…

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Yikes! That would be concerning. Could you please send in a log through Camera > Settings > Wyze Support > Submit a Log and post the log number? I’d like to get the team looking into this. Any chance you have a video clip from when this happened?

Thanks for letting us know! I’d recommend switching your password to be on the safe side. And are you using the SMS (text) 2FA or an authenticator app?


Hi! I am using the code verification and have a strong password (i just changed it) i sent a ticket no 92771. I recorded the video in my albums 5 times bit can’t share it in the ticket. I have it in my phone also. You clearly hear the dogs barking! Please help me. I am about to throw everything in the trash. I trusted my cameras to be safe

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Hi! Thank you! I don’t know how to do that. It’s Chinese to me. Any tutorial that exists?

Are you hesring this on your phone/tablet while viewing the camera live or actually hearing it from the camera?
Are you seeing the correct video, your daughter’s room, but hearing dogs barking?

I was in the other room. I heard it directly from the camera microphone!

Strangly, your answer made it more confusing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Since you were in another room, were you listening to the camera on your phone?

Not on the phone.

So you are hearing the barking from the speaker in the camera? But you are not in the room with the camera?


Ok, this may help @WyzeGwendolyn track down the issue.

You said you have video. When Wyze responds you may be able to attach the video to an email reply.

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Yes ! I have the video! Thank you for your help

Don’t worry too much about hacking. It is much more likely that your camera is picking up another signal close by.
TV shows make hacking look easy. It is not.

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Oh… thank you! I am a little bit in panic. Thinking someone could be watching my baby sleeping… it’s disturbing! I changed my password on the app and my wireless password. Now trying to figure out how to secure my wireless more. I am not good in this but now is the time to learn!

Also I have a camera in the room just beside it that was opened… and no noise was coming from that one.

When it comes to securing your WiFi network the most important thing is password length. Make your password 30 or 40 characters long with spaces in it Just don’t end your passphrase with a space as WYZE cams don’t like that and you’ll never get the cam to connect.

Ok thanks!

Local Wifi security is important and @Known1 is giving you good advice. Your password can be a sentance that makes sense to you but difficult to guess.

Even if someone has access to your router they can’t view your cameras.

Because there are many manufacturers, the most direct way would be to look up the name of the router you are using on the web to see the manufacturer’s information on how to change the SSID and password for it. Typically this process involves going into a configuration screen of some sort when you are connected directly into the router (easiest if you use an RJ45 patch cable.)

I am not suggesting someone hacked into the cameras, (although possible… Not necessary probable…) you should explore one of the more direct/easier solutions which is changing your log in info and making sure you are not using preset default SSID/login information that is on the router label.

Some straightforward tips…
-If something like that occurs, I would change my security settings first… It’s like someone possibly possessing your bank card pin… You want to change it immediately to try and prevent any further potential issues…
-Make sure you are securing your WIFI connection
-Turn off WPS if enabled
-Don’t recycle passwords
-Don’t need super complex passwords… Just long passphrase that makes sense to you!

I am far from a conspiracy theorist… Even though signal interference could be a major contributing factor, I would rather be extra cautious and make some changes to hopefully get different end results…

Below is a quick article from Denver ABC News: