Weird noise issues on Wyze v3 cameras

I have a couple questions:

I am getting weird noise on all three of the cameras in my basement. They are a pan cam, and two of the smaller v3 cams - I think one maybe pro and one not (I can’t find in the app where it tells me what they actually are rather than what I “named” them). It’s like scrambled, garbled noise with what sounds like voices in the mix. You can’t tell, specifically, that it’s a person or what they’re saying but it does sound like talking.

I hear it on all 3 every time I look at something recorded or watch the livestream, but I do not hear it if I am physically present in the room.

I keep getting notifications where the video is labeled “talking.” When I look at the recorded event it’s the same noise I’ve been hearing on all the videos - even the ones that are not labeled “talking” - sometimes the “voices” seem more pronounced, but not always.

Has anyone had an issue where the camera is sending event notifications labeled as “talking,” when there truly wasn’t any talking?

Since I have never heard any of that noise when I was physically present in the room, only when watching either livestream or a recorded event - almost like that noise is “inside” the camera - the notification that is sent and labeled with “talking” wouldn’t be the result of that noise the camera is picking up sort of internally, right?

I ask all this because I have the cameras to watch my cats - and my cats are acting very strangely, to the point that when I come home they immediately run and hide and seem terrified. I have known each of these cats since they were born and see them every day. They have never run and hid from me or acted scared of me or anything really before this. We are actually in the process of moving into this house. These guys were the first to go over, however they’ve been there about 2.5 weeks now and so should be acclimated to the new place. Also, I am there at some point every day to see them and care for them (the new house is only 5 minutes from the old one). When I watch them on the video I’ll see them just walking around in the room, but they constantly seem to be on edge, looking up, looking around, as if they hear something - but I haven’t heard anything that I could really make out as an actual voice, although just today I heard what sounded to me like a person coughing. I’m just trying to figure out what exactly this noise is that these cameras are picking up, why they are telling me someone is there talking (when there should not be), and most importantly, what is terrifying my cats.

Edit: just heard the clearest voice yet - still can’t discern what is being said. I tried to upload the video but the damn thing said “Sorry, new users cannot upload videos”. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard - why the hell not? Is my question somehow less valid or important because I’m a “new user” to this forum? I mean I’m trying to figure out if there’s someone in my house who should be - it’s a pretty serious issue - but I can’t just call the police and say “oh well listen to this video, that proves there is an intruder coming into my house regularly when I’m not there. Come right away and check every nook and cranny.”


These are only artifacts created by the audio compression Wyze is using.

For the distant voices you think you’re hearing, it’s actually only your brain trying to make sense of this variable static noise.

All in all, it’s pretty interesting when you think about it.

One of my V3 cams makes the same strange noises the other two V3 cams and the V3 Pro do not.
This V3 makes the noise, hard to hear on this short recording but it is there.

Yes, I have two Wyze cam pan V3 on my network at home connected up with an Echo show 8, When viewing the image on the Echo I get the same garbled noise. It is quite bother some. Let use know if you find a solution.

Poltergeist :rofl:

Just kidding. I have five v3s at two different locations. Two are in the city and the other three are in a remote and isolated location with no people around for miles. All five make these noises. As mentioned above, just compression artifacts.

As for the cats, I grew up with cats and they are weird creatures. They don’t like change as they’re not comfortable with it. Also, their instinct tells them that everything is out to eat them. That’s why they don’t recognize their owners pass certain distance from their habitat. It takes them a while to get “acclimated” to new surroundings. When you go and see them occasionally and they try to hide, they probably don’t recognize you right away. Once you move there full time they’ll get comfortable with you and their behaviour will return to normal.

I have two V3s and a Floodlight V1.

One of the V3s, powered by a socket adapter on an outdoor light is making the “demon voices” sound. Creepy garbled noise. Less so on the other, with no socket adapter.There should be no sound. Creepy AF.

It’s a known V3 issue exhibiting on 90% of cameras. I have five V3’s and all have the “demon voices”. I don’t need sound so it doesn’t bother me, but it freaked me out when I first heard them :slight_smile:


Haha. The cameras are set up for my mom (70). I’m not going to tell her how to turn audio on. That would be a definite mistake. :wink:

When I heard the sound for the first time on one of the cameras at a remote location, I thought someone is under the camera and trying to dismantle something. Then I checked the other two and that is when I realized the the sound is an artifact of some sort, probably compression.

It is funny, but if you activate the two way voice it disappears