Paranormal Activity Caught On My Wyze Camera

Hi there everyone!

Has anyone else caught paranormal activity on their Wyze Cameras?
I had my friend Ozzy stop by and we’re just chatting in my kitchen when we heard this loud knock coming from above my cloakroom which is in the hallway off my kitchen. There’s absolutely nothing in there to have made such a strange knock!
Anyway, this is where I’m excited about having a Wyze Camera as I thought to myself, “I wonder if it showed up on my Wyze Camera”. We were blown away what footage was caught in less than a minute!!! After we viewed the footage on my TV, I was thinking, I’ll post this on my YouTube channel, “UGP Vlogs”. I’ve posted the link to my channel and there you will find the video. The video has time stamps that “My Cat Ruger” left in the comments!

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