Not sure what my Wyze camera caught at 3:39 am and also about an hour before

I’m not sure what the heck any of these things are. Help is appreciated. No one was in the kitchen as my wife and I were both asleep. Pictures attached. Second one looks like a person, but I grabbed my gun and swept the whole house to find no one anywhere, not even closets. I woke up right as I got the notice too, so they wouldn’t have had time to leave. Apparently I can only post one pic, so heres the one that looks like the person in my kitchen moving down the hall.

Lighter version. Sorry I do not see a person. Maybe the mods can let you post more pictures or the video later.

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Just above the green square looks like a translucent head. Wierd thing too is under it looks like a bit of a body. I wanted to say it was a trick of the light or something, but the “body portion” actually blocks out a light on my stove to the point that it isn’t showing up on the camera. At 3:30 am it looked human like enough to convince me. I guess what im wondering is why the blurry figure showed up

Halloween leftover :upside_down_face: Welcome to the forum. As I said new members can only add so much but if you read a few more post and can find one of the moderators that is in a good generous mood maybe you can post other pictures or the video event just as long as it isn’t larger than about 5 MB.
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What you have there is a very small, almost microscopic, not visible to the naked eye, only milimeters from the lens, bug or floating dust particle.

These little guys are only visible when the IR vision is on. They look translucent and just cause a blur because the fixed focus cam can’t focus on them so close to the lens. The light literally bends around them so it looks like you can see through them but that is all a digitally processed illusion… Like having a fleck of dust on your old 35mm lens… Just a blurry spot that was “out of focus”.

Either that or its a Class I Aberration, the place is haunted and you need to move out now. :crazy_face:


Thanks so much! Scared the crap out of me because it looked humanoid and I couldn’t find anyone in the house. That makes sense!

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Keep watching your cam. You are going to see floaters, crawlers, orbs, specs, shadows, blurs and the occasional fairy flier. It is amazing what HiDef video will show that you can’t see. Wait until it kicks up a dust storm!


Id also move the camera forward to the edge of the cabinet or fridge or whatever it is on. Right now the bottom 1/3rd of the frame is the thing that the camera is sitting on and at dark times when it is illuminated by the IR, it is causing the background to be way under exposed. If you moved the camera forward so that the IR lights fill the room, the picture will be much more lit in the camera in darkness, even more so than @Antonius 's lightened photo. The camera is trying to expose the brighter stuff (foreground) therefore under exposing the background (the room).