Smart Scale Uploads Everyone's Data to My Phone

My Wyze smart scale is causing me a lot of frustration. I live with multiple people who also use the scale, but sometimes their phones can’t connect to it. When that happens, all their pending weight data gets uploaded to my phone when I use the scale!

This completely messes up my weight tracking graphs with inaccurate information from the past three months. I’ve had to manually clean this up twice, and it’s a huge pain. Honestly, my smart scale is acting dumber than a regular one right now.

I’ve resorted to using the scale without the app, which defeats the purpose. Can Wyze look into this? I’d be thrilled if the scale just uploaded the current weight reading instead of all the pending data points from other users.

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Which Scale model do you have?

I haven’t had this problem, myself, but that would be frustrating.

I think there should be a setting we can select where we tell it to never store weight data. If it doesn’t connect to the phone, then just discard the measurement afterward.

Some of the newer scales do have something that helps. On the scale X the settings have a setting called “Update Weight” which, when disabled doesn’t update the new weight measurement if the weight measured doesn’t match within reasonable range of the current main user. That seems to have helped me.