Wyze scale will not automatically update other members' weights

I noticed the recent weights for other members aren’t being updated automatically in the app. Last weights are from August and July for the other members but October for the owner. It only automatically updates the scale owner’s weights. I have scale FW 1.1.3.
This problem seems to be on Android app 2.13.119 and the latest the Android app 2.14.135.

Maybe there is a bug with the toggle in the settings for “only measure with app open”. I have mine unselected which should mean it will measure the weight without the app being open and automatically assign it to the correct member.

Member weights are all different by at least 15 lbs and I didn’t have a problem with it automatically assigning the weights to the correct members before.

I have it set to measure weights only. I updated to FW 1.14 but the issue still remains.

Talked to customer service. I had to remove my scale and then add it again then it worked. Lost all the data from the other members except for mine even though customer service rep said all of the data would be saved.