Wyze Scale - Confirmation for adding new data

An individual in my house now weighs the same as me. This means it is logging their details to my account.

I would like an option to enable Scale report confirmations. In other words, whenever someone uses the scale, I’d like the app to send me a push notification asking if I want to add the data to my account or not.

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I think an option to review scale readings before adding to a user would be helpful in cases where weights between users are similar enough that it can’t do it automatically. The weight between my two users is within 8 lbs of each other so the app helpfully says it can’t keep track of them automatically and to keep the app open when weighing and select the user first, but this doesn’t always happen. Now my Google Fit history is full of swings in weight as it syncs both users under my account. I can quickly tell which ones are mine and not, but if the Wyze app can’t tell them apart, then having the option to review different readings and assign them to a user would be helpful.

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