Latest Scale fw doesn't take measurements for shared account

I share my scale with my girlfriend, she has her own Wyze account on regular app (iPhone), while I have the beta app (Android).
Few days ago I updated the scale firmware to 1.1.2 and we started having problems with it. Before this update the scale would always recognize who is stepping on the scale and would record the measurement to the right account. Since the last update it always recognizes me and measurements work flawlessly as before, but when she steps on the scale, it doesn’t work well anymore. Now the scale would only take her weight, nothing else. It displays the weight and that’s it, no dashes while measuring the other things, and it doesn’t show body fat. If later she checks the app, the measurement doesn’t show up.
The only way for her to get it to work is to open the app, connect to the scale, and then step on the scale. Then the scale takes all the parameters correctly, and the app shows the full-screen real-time measurement as usual, but then it never leaves that screen unless she force closes the app. When she reopens the app, the newest measurement shows up in the history. If she doesn’t keep the app open on the phone, the scale would only show her weight and wouldn’t save the measurement to anybody’s account.
Her iPhone app version: 2.10.72 - updated to 2.11.41, still same behavior
My Android beta app version: 2.11.40

Alex Niu is looking at this.

Submitted logs

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I have the exact same issue.
Just submitted a support email.

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This is clearly a bug, and it happened again a couple of times for me, and it should be fixed in the firmware.
As a workaround I found that I can fix the problem by going under the settings of the affected users and turn ON and back OFF the two settings “measure only weight” and “measure only with the app open”. After that it worked fine for me, at least until the bug happened again.

I’ve been seeing all kinds of squirrely behavior from our Wyze Scale. I share the scale with my spouse. It worked fine for me, for a couple of months. And then I shared it with her, and it worked OK for her too, for a month or so. And then she complained that it stopped providing body fat measurement and stopped connecting to her account. (And there’s no weight confusion – I’m around 180 lbs, she’s 140 ish.)

I finally figured out that if I turned off BT on my phone (Pixel 2), her phone (Pixel 2XL) would connect and get her weight. I’ve had to do this a few times. And once or twice, I had to have her turn off her BT so mine would connect.

…and now, I’m occasionally seeing a failure to calculate body fat %. And no, it’s definitely not about being too dry.

Sadly, given my experience with the scale, I cannot recommend it. The price would be right if the device were reliable. Unfortunately, it just isn’t.