Cardinal Pair at Window Feeder

Aww, poor kitty, I know exactly what they are like with dental issues and that medicine and such.
One of cats, “Flower” has been “allergic” to his own teeth his whole life. His gums would get infected, and the vet would have to pull them one by one over time until he is now finally completely toothless. The vet told us this is actually very common with house cats.

Though, the tooth allergy issue actually turned out to be something positive. You see, one day our kitty didn’t come home, and we just all thought he got hit by car or something, and our daughter was really, really sad. She loves her kitties. Suddenly, 4.5 years later we get a call from Animal Control in a DIFFERENT COUNTY call us up and say that someone turned in their cat “Snuggles”, but when they scanned the chip it said we were owners and his name was “Flower” and they asked if we wanted him back. Apparently, his mouth was really infected (the tooth thing), and so Flower stopped grooming himself or eating or moving, and the “owners” didn’t want to take care of it (foot the bill), so they just turned him in to Animal control (it’s actually a much more complicated story than that, but that’s what it boils down to in the end). So I go pick up my daughter from school that day (with out black cat “Kovu” in the car with us) and record me telling her that we’re going to drive down to Animal Control to pick up her long lost kitty who we thought was dead, but isn’t after all…

Here’s the video of me telling my daughter (12yo at the time) that her 4.5 years lost beloved kitty Flower is actually still alive…Warning, it can be a tear-jerker:

It’s not a Wyze video or anything, but it is totally related to what you said about your cat needing dental work. :slight_smile: And yes, we did get him back. and he was in such excruciating pain that he wouldn’t eat or move or anything until we got him to vet and got his dental work all caught up removing his last 2 teeth. Now he’s happy to be back cuddling with our daughters and with the rest of his buddies:

Anyway, without his tooth allergies we would’ve never got him back. I’m glad you are keeping up with his dental needs, because it really can be so painful.