Wyze Sense Questions

I am sorry if this is in another post already. If it is please let me know.
I have 2 questions:

1.) If we get the Wyze Sense, are we able to set up our camera only to record if the Sense is triggered and not when it detects motion?

2.) I know with the Wyze Cam, there is about a 12 second delay between when it detects motion and when I the alert. Is there any delay with the Wyze Sense?

Thanks everyone.

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Also, can you set up a shortcut that controls the Sense like you do the Cams? Like we have a shortcut for when we go to work that turns on the cams when we are gone. We have a shortcut for when we get home, it turns our cams off. Can you set it up a shortcut to turn the sense on and off?

I guess I will post my question here:

  • how many sensors can you have on one bridge
  • what is max distance between bridge/sensor
  • can I easily see if something is open (sensor not connected)
  • will you ever add HomeKit support :slight_smile:
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Here is the reddit AMA from last week:

Most of those questions are answered there.

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Thank you. This does answer most of my questions. Unless I missed them, the few I still have are:

!.) Is the camera with the bridge the only one that can record for the sensors?

2.) How long is the delay from when the sensor is triggered and I would get a text message?

From the reddit ama…

  1. What is the maximum number of sensors that can be connected to one Sense? Does this maximum number include cameras? Is this per account or per residence or per Sense? Will multiple Senses be available on one account? Will it be sort-able by address if we have them at more than one residence?

One bridge & camera combo (again the bridge plugs into the back of the camera) can support up to 100 sensors. It’s also important to understand the bridge itself doesn’t appear as a product… it becomes part of your Wyze Cam. The sensors do appear as products and behave just like they were cameras (as far as appearing in your home page). There is no limit to how many sensor bridges you can have on one account.

The reddit ama says “At launch we will have notifications via app. For contact sensors you can be notified when something opens, closes, or has been left open. Motion sensors can notify when there is motion or when motion stops (aka: it’s clear).”

Are we able to set rules or a schedule for when to send notifications and when not to?

Case example… I don’t want notification from 8AM to 5PM but would want during other times.

Thanks @david25,
I am just wondering if the camera with the bridge is the one that has to record. And then how quick would I get the notification on my phone. Is it still the same time as from my cam? I believe it takes 12 seconds to get the notification from the cam. I wonder if the sense is the same.

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No, the camera with the bridge is not your only recording device. You can have any and all cameras connected to your account start recording when a sensor triggers.


That is awesome. Thank you.

Do you happen to know how long it takes to get the notification from the Sense? I know with my cam it is about 12 seconds. I didn’t know if the Sense would be quicker or about the same.

It is near instant. I think the delay with Cam notifications is because the camera is, coincidentally, making a 12-second event recording upon that event. So I believe the app is waiting until the recording is done before notifying you, so you don’t open the app to a blank video.

That makes sense. I never really thought about it like that. I think I might order the Sense also. Thanks for the answers.

Will the contact sensors work on metal doors or will the metal door interfere with the RF? Both the hub and contact sensors are on the same side of the door.

Please move this to the correct thread if a different thread is a better place for my question.

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Any options for pre-order shipping to Canada? Looks like US shipping is the only option in the app, even though it lets me go through 90% of the ordering process before forcing me to pick a State/Zip Code.


Great idea but these are kind of pointless being wifi based, all it takes is for a burglar to disconnect your internet from the outside of your home (unless you live in a apt) as most can be disconnected from the alley or back of the house to render these useless. I would recommend a regular set of door sensors with a wireless remote for $25 at Harbor Freight that you can arm/disarm, if a door is opened while its armed a siren will sound.

29. Does the Sense feature any sensors built into it? What about an audible alarm? Can the cameras be used to emit an alarm through their speakers when a sensor triggers it?

As of now we don’t have a specific alarm, but that’s a great idea that we could add to the Wyze Cam. Granted today you can use your 2-way audio yourself, but an automated alarm is super interesting. I’ve added it to my notes!

*** Suggestion:
Behind able to have a sensor-event select (all or some) cameras to use their speaker to broadcast an alert would be awesome, for when contact is made as well as broken. The user can use both open and close states, one state, or none.

“Kitchen window opened”
“Side door opened”
“Washer cycle complete”

The first two would warn someone off. As you could record what was to be played back it could be verbal or an alarm sound.

Maybe this already can be done via IFTTT?

  1. Smartthings compatible?
  2. Will there be a wifi splitter if I am daisy chaining the cameras or can all the sensors be attached to one wifi connector. In other words do I need a camera connector for each sensor?

Just placed an order of 2x Sense. I can’t wait til end of April when it arrives. Life feels miserable waiting for it within…

@supermarkert @Preston. You only have a 12 second delay from the trigger event to getting a notification? That’s pretty good… My delay is from 20 seconds to a couple of minutes.

Also, I don’t see how these sensors can be useful if you already have a camera there.

They mentioned that you can tell is your garage is open with the sensor. If you put a camera in your garage then you can tell if you left the garage open as well. Also, it says your can link it to your wyzecam to record a video if the front door opens. If you already have a wyzecam at the front door, can’t you just set up a motion detection alert for that area?

I can’t find a good application for this product but I guess it’s not for everyone…

I realized that even if you have a camera in your garage, you could accidentally leave it open and it would be nice to have an alert saying that it’s open after 30 minutes or so. I guess you wouldn’t check your camera if you think your garage is already closed.

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