Wyze Sense Questions

I had the same experience. Was looking forward to pre-order as well but no option for Canada. You’re missing out guys!

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Are these waterproof. I could picture saying then to a pool skimmer housing and used as a float. Contact broken and we add more water. Contact made, stop adding water.
Hmmm. Battery dies, pool overflows? Dead battery shouldn’t equate to see open circuit. A “lost device” should be an state of it’s own. Open. Closed. Dead/low battery (device missing).


Can’t help you with #1, but one bridge will support 100 sensors. You could plug the bridge into the last camera you have on the daisy chain.

Hope that helps.

We can purchase on Amazon.ca, but the Sense package isn’t available there. Not terribly weird for a pre-order to not be offered through third-party channels, just thought there might be an option I was missing.


Oh, interesting. I always assumed (incorrectly, apparently), that when things are actually sold by Amazon.ca, that they’re being sold by the manufacturer. It seems weird they haven’t officially expanded outside of the US, but there must be reason. From my experience, the transition into the online Canadian market isn’t very difficult, but maybe security/tech has some different requirements than my experience.

Anyways, thanks for the info.

Because of the extra power requirements of the bridge, plugging it into a camera that is on a daisy chain would most likely not be a good idea.

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I hadn’t considered that. That makes sense.

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Just use a cross border drop shipper if you can’t wait… Canadians do this all the time.

I want to know the range because I was thinking about putting a sensor in my mail box. Also what’s the delay in case I want to be notified someone is coming upstairs

All, Wyze has now posted FAQs on their website.


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When the sensors are triggered, will there be an option to chime on the camera/s?

Can you choose individaully which camera/s will chime when the sensors are triggered?

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There is no camera chime option. Please see the FAQ link I posted above. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing that FAQ. That should be very helpful.

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Can you use wyze sense motion sensor with IFTTT, so that it will turn on the lights when motion is detected and turn them off when it is no longer detected? It seems like IFTTT has such a long delay though for me.

Also can you please the wyze sense contact sensors in one place and then remove them and put them in another place if you need to relocate them? Not sure it there adhesive will still stick after removing and reapplying.

What battery will the sense products use? from what I can tell in the video, the sense uses a CR2032 style battery.
My main issue with it that I personally have preferred AAA batteries, so that they can be rechargable. Belgium has great battery recycling facilities, but being able to reuse something many times is better than constantly having to recycle something.

3 types


thx for the link, somehow the table wasn’t loading for me previously.

So yeah, seems like there aren’t rechargeable versions for those batteries either.

IFTTT says in their documentation that triggers can take up to 15 minutes. It’s usually a lot less time though.

Yea but for those of us who already have “wifi” cameras, smart things etc… These are great. As with all my other door and window sensors I want to know when doors are open when I’m not home. I could care less when I’m there. These work as part of a bigger system that most of the people here already have. My whole house system runs off my wifi so these are no different. Those toys that make noise when a door is open are ok if you want to know of your kid get in the fridge or something like that but that’s about all they are good for.

the sense order saying that it will be shipped out after apr 24, any update on when will it be shipped?