Wyze cams being piggy back for power with Wyze sense


I ordered 3 Wyze Senses. I have two Wyze cam v2 that one of them is piggy-backed the other one for power. In this configuration, can I still plug in one Wyze Sense bridge adapter at the back of the last camera and still be able to use all 4 windows/door sensors and the two motion sensors? Or does each Wyze sense bridge have to plug into a Wyze cam for the sensors to work?

What is the max distance for the windows/door sensor and the motion sensor from the Wyze cam?


Most customers can have 1 bridge cover their entire home, but individual results may vary depending on the size of home, location of the Wyze Cam, and obstacles between the Bridge and Sensors.

You should only need one bridge and that can be plugged into the last cam. Obviously, it could not be plugged into the first cam since there’s only one USB-A socket. That said, I’m not sure the included power adapter will handle two cams plus the additional load of the bridge, especially if you have longer USB cable runs. You may need to separate the piggy back.

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