Connectivity with Bridge

OK, we insert the Bridge into the USB receptacle in the backside of our cameras to enable our sensors to communicate with the cameras… My question is this: Can we use a USB extension cable to place the Bridge closer to the sensors?

That has worked for people, but I’ve only seen them say shorter USB runs have worked.

I was actually reading about somebody that used one was 42 1/2 feet long I don’t need one to run that far but I do need one to probably run in the neighborhood of about 20 feet or something like that

Sweet! Hope it works out. I’d say make sure it’s good quality and doesn’t have to much voltage drop and it still works. Looking forward to hear if this works for ya!

Ok, I have a related question. How many sensors can one bridge control? Do I need a separate bridge (in its own cam) to run each separate motion sensor or contact sensor? If not, how many can I run off one bridge? What is the min/max distance the bridge&cam has to be away from the sensor? Just curious. I don’t see this anywhere.

They say up to 100 sensors are supported by 1 bridge.

There is a 100 sensor per bridge limit. There is no hard and fast distance limit as it’s too dependent on environment. Walls, large ferrous masses, strong magnetic fields etc.

In practice I could Place a sensor up to 40 foot away from the bridge. But I had issues with the sensors/bridge over time. I don’t know what the limiting factors really are but I could not keep sensors working for longer than a couple of days. Then I would reboot the camera with the bridge and reset the sensors (pull the battery) and they would work again.

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How does device reliability work?? In my world if I follow instructions And install and connect a sensor to a camera and it works, my thought is that it should continue to work… needing to refresh every couple days/hours completely defeats reliability. My hearty supply of Wyze devices (for the above reason) provide me with a headache on steroids

You ask a fair and reasonable question. I don’t have a reasonable answer for you. I have 2 Eve contact sensors. They are Bluetooth connected. The older one is 2 months old the newest one is 2 weeks old. I installed them and they have worked ever since. No muss or fuss. I have 2 Ring contact sensors, and 3 Ring motion sensors. They connect via ZWave. They are a little over a year old. I installed them and they have just worked. I also have a Phillips Motion Sensor and an Onvis Motion Sensor. Both are fairly new about a month old. I installed them and they just worked, one is Bluetooth and the other is ZWave.

So reliability is certainly possible. But probably not at Wyze’s price point. All the sensors I speak of cost 3-5 times as much as their Wyze counterparts. But the price is worth it to me for the reliability I gain.

Well considering my financial investment in Wyze products , I guess I’m here for the long run.

I certainly hope their major update for the software takes care of some of these issues

I imagine over time the reliability will improve. The core functionality is all there, they just need to work on the connectivity and reliability.

I agree. Reliability is likely to improve. Expect potential setbacks now & then, like if an app update screws something up temporarily and they need to push out a fix for it. That can happen to any company, but I’d have no doubt Wyze would get right on top of it. They have been pretty good for me so far. I’ve had 3 cams running outside in 3rd party housings for a couple of months now, all with SD cards in them, and all have been working exactly as hoped. I own 4 bulbs that work fine. They do go offline when my spouse refuses to use the app and insists on using the light switch to turn off their power. (Soooo last millennium, am I right?) Which then gives me fits trying to re-connect them. Mostly my “fits” are because I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 which is kinda older. My wife’s phone seems to reconnect them quickly and effortlessly, but her phone is much newer than mine, so the issue isn’t a Wyze one, but a phone one. I recently acquired some sensors and installed one in my master walk-in closet sync’d to a bulb, so that the light will go on/off just by opening/closing the closet door. That has shown no troubles (yet). Had a few minor glitches with the Band, but I’m just fine with a few bugs here & there, since when all is said & done these prices are absolutely unbeatable for what I receive. I’m very satisfied. In fact, a few days ago a friend asked on FB for recommendations for security cams and I posted about Wyze. She will probably buy one or 2, but others chimed in on that thread that Wyze was a good option. Wyze team, you are making a name for yourself. Please keep ownership and don’t sell to a big corp, or we customers will lose everything of value.

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if you do that extension and have any issue you more than likely will have to boost the power supply for the camera as it is going to be looking for more power to make up for the voltage resistance. basically the same thing you have to do if you want to use it in a pan camera.

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