Separate Stand-Alone Bridge

Requiring customers (existing and potential) to have and use the WyzeCam in order to use other devices like WyzeSense just seems wrong. Offering a separate WyzeHub device is just more practical. I have held off from getting WyzeSense because while I bought WyzeCam and love it, I don’t always have a need for it to be out and active.

I’m not sure a separate bridge could be made available for less than $20. If that’s the case, then why not just use a camera and point it toward a wall or cover the lens with tape.

$20 sounds reasonable if you’re using multiple devices from Wyze. The cam-in-the-corner trick just seems like a hassle. There are going to be customers that just want non-cam devices and requiring them to buy one to use other things creates an unnecessary barrier to entry.

It would be very useful to have a stand-alone bridge that is USB powered so it can be located near a group of motion/contact sensors to join them to the network without having to use a camera to provide bridge support, since a camera isn’t always needed or appropriate.

For example, having motion sensors turn-on lights in a bathroom/walk-in closet or even kicking-on a hot water circulator while preparing for a shower. Having to place a camera in these types of places to support sensors for various automation such as this is clearly inappropriate.

You could try connecting the Sense Bridge to a Raspberry Pi Hub. That hub could then feed Home Assitant.

Motion / sensors that works without needing the camera and bridge. All my cameras are the PTZ model so I can not use the sensors pack because of the need for the bridge.

Hi @viller,

I have merged your post here because while the sensors could work with a stand-alone bridge, the design of the sensors is such that working without some kind of bridge is not feasible. The sensors communicate with low power radio signals. Having them contain their own wifi radios would greatly alter their form factor and battery requirements.

That said, the sensor bridge is totally compatible with the Wyze Pan Cam PTZ model. There’s no reason you can’t plug the bridge into the Pan Cam’s USB port to communicate with the sensors.


While considering a wi-fi wall switch, could they also have integrated bridge support for sensors since these would be powered by the house voltage? The integrated bridge would by default, be disabled. But then could be enabled so as to support nearby sensors as needed and you wouldn’t have to develop a separate standalone bridge, since it’s highly probably that there is a switch nearby where one would place one or more sensors anyway.

The sensor bridge and sensors should be able to be utilized without having a camera. Plugging the USB bridge into a PC, Mac, or even the Router should allow you to set up the sensors for use with IFTTT or one of the assistants (Google or Alexa), and allow the sensors to be found and assigned accordingly through the Wyze app’…

My scenario (for example), I (fully mistakenly) bought the sensors starter pack at the same time as the smart bulbs. My intended use was for one to go in a closet with the contact sensor on the door (auto-on/off). The other planned scenario was motion sensing for the porch lights. I don’t have a need for the camera, but I have had to order one just to use the sensor I already bought.

Just a wishlist item, but seems like it could be done easily to existing equipment already in the field through software / app updates.


I believe they are releasing a new, more robust sensor line sometime early next year. Perhaps it will include a standalone sensor bridge.

That’s cool, but it doesn’t address the sensor package I have now… I have remedied it by ordering a camera today, even though I really don’t need one - will have to find a use for it… oh bother… :slight_smile: