Wyze Sense without the Wyze Cam?

Hello Wyze community!
Can you hook the contact and/or motion sensor up to WiFi and the app without a camera? I have a rental condo I’d like to use these devices in, but cannot use a camera.

Thank you,
Jim Kuzemka

nope, the bridge plugs into the cam for power & wifi. I do see in the roadmap they are working on a standalone bridge. I’m not sure how much that would be but for $20 you could just buy a cam or even the kit, and just use the cam to support sense.

Thank you Ken S. I thought so. Yes, I thought of that with the camera; just put the camera somewhere that would not upset guests and put tape over the lense. The cost is low and no problem, like you suggest and I already have enough cameras.

There is a Wishlist request that might interest you. :slight_smile: