Wyze Sense Videos

All Wyze Sense demos and promotions show a 12 second Wyzecam video recording triggered by an open contact or motion sensor. Initially this seemed to make sense (pun intended). But after thinking about this I have a basic question as to the role of the sensor itself.

Take for example the demo that shows the camera recording a video after a snack door’s (or drawer) sensor reported an “open contact switch”.

Said another way - perp opens snack drawer, contact sensor detects and reports the event and then records a 12 second video on the camera which has been paired with the contact switch.

Here is my question. Why do I need a contact sensor on the drawer? If I have a V2 Wyzecam camera with motion tagging capability pointed at the drawer, the contact sensor is redundant. I don’t need it because the camera alone detects the motion, records the event, and reports it to the app.

It seems in 100% of the cases where I have a camera, I do not need a motion or contact switch because the camera does everything I need.

Can anyone give me a scenario where I need both a sensor and a camera?

What am I missing?

Monterey, CA

Can your camera tell the difference between a moving branch blowing in the breeze versus a warm body?

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For an indoor camera you might not want it to be recording motion at certain times(unless you want tons of useless notifications/events), but if you have a sensor it will capture the specific action (door opening, cookie jar, etc). That or if there is movement within the cooldown period, there will be no recorded event without the sensor.

Thanks. That makes sense.