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I’m considering switching from our current home security provider to Wyze Home Monitoring. While reading an article on cnet, I saw this quote -

“The Wyze Home Monitoring security kit includes a hub with a built-in siren, two door/window sensors, a keypad and a motion detector.”

I don’t see anything on the WHM page that states this. Seems that purchasing a year’s service only nets you a Wyze Sense Hub - no mention of a keypad or sensors being included.

Both of you are correct. Buy the one year whm service and you what CNET described.

The starter kit includes a hub with a built-in siren, two door/window sensors, a keypad and a motion detector

Unfortunately, this seems to be incorrect, for I’ve only received the hub, and nothing else - no sensors, no keypad. In fact, on the Wyze invoice it only includes the Hub with a Home Monitoring subscription startup.
Wyze HM

This is on the Wyze Home Monitoring page…contact support.

I have already, though I don’t expect much to happen. This is in the User Manual. Looks like they may have cancelled that promotion.

I’ve already gotten an email from Support merely asking for the same info I posted in my original email - Order Number, Full Name, Address, etc.

You should mention to them that the website still says you get the starter kit for free and that they should to honor that. If it is wrong, they need to change the website.

“The service you signed up for only comes with the hub. For you to have received the keypad and sensor, you would have needed to purchase the starter kit which is not currently being sold. All devices are available on add-ons.”

Oh well…

Ok, I’m really confused. I have been saving up my pennies to get this security system and I was under the impression that if you buy the year of service for 59.98 that you received a free sense hub, a keypad, two door/window sensors and one motion sensor.

I mean if you only get the hub you really don’t have a security system. I don’t want to buy this and then only get the hub. Can someone from Wyze confirm what comes with the year subscription? The picture on the website shows the items listed above, but when you go to the"build your system" area, the picture there only shows a hub.

Heck, I should have bought this awhile back when they even added a Wyze V3 camera in the startup bundle.

If anyone had bought the year subscription lately, can you confirm what came with that and what you received when it came in the mail? I’m a huge Wyze fan and this was my next big purchase so I was really hoping to get the system and not just a hub. I plan to buy more sensors to add to it, but was hoping it came with the minimum stuff like it always has.

Thanks for any info!

The quote in my post was from Wyze, Apparently they ended the Startup promotion, yet left it on the website, which is false advertising. A bit disconcerting from a company I’m entrusting my home security to.

Did you point that out to Wyze support? If so, what did they say? I had a similar problem when I switched from monthly to annual and Wyze had a statement on the website saying if I did that they would credit me for the starter kit. Got some run around at first but when I pointed to the information on the Wyze website they complied. Might need a supervisor to get involved.

I did. I have requested an RMA#. They have gone silent.

I’m unable to locate it on the site now.

Go here and click on starter kit link: Affordable Professional DIY Home Security Monitoring, and Alarm System – Wyze

Be sure and get a screenshot of the description of the starter kit.

Here is where you should look:

Still shows up as of today:

From Support -

“Thank you, we do have the core starter kit listed from the previous availability however it’s not currently being sold, when you select “build my system” it shows the current included products. I have passed on your feedback to have the core starter kit info removed, at this time all devices will need to be purchased separately, since shipping is calculated per item there is no discount to ordering all at once so you can place as many orders as needed to achieve the desired system.”


I just wanted to reply to add that I too was totally fooled by this.

The “what’s in the box” page for the Wyze Home Monitoring service (Affordable Professional DIY Home Security Monitoring, and Alarm System – Wyze) clearly lists 2 entry sensors, motion sensor and keypad. I incorporated that info in the spreadsheet I used to decide what components to buy, and as a result I’m missing two sensors and a keypad that I needed.

Sounds like contacting support would be a waste of time, though.

Yes, it was.

A customer orders a product from the website. They have decided not to offer that product any longer, but fail to notify the customer or remove the product from the site. They ship the customer an entirely different product that contains much less items than the original for the same price. They then refuse to allow the customer to return the product.

Nice business model.

I just came to the forum to report on this same issue, also pursued through customer support, also to no avail…and the deal is STILL listed on the website. Hmmm.

One abbreviation: F.T.C.


Just received this in my email today. Seems you can get the core starter kit with 6 mos. monitoring from Home Depot for $49.99.

hd_HMS_Core.pdf (1.1 MB)

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My kids got me the core starter kit for Christmas and said they found it on Amazon I believe. They still had it after Christmas for around $50 I believe. I was really surprised they got it for me and more surprised that it came with 6 months of monitoring! So, my kids did a really great job for my gift this year!

However, I checked just now and Amazon is now or if the core starter kit:

Wyze Home Security System Sense v2 Core Kit with Hub, Keypad, Motion, Entry Sensors (2) with Wyze Cam v3 Indoor/Outdoor Camera, 6 Month Subscription Included https://www.amazon.com/dp/B096C577J2/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_M29MHR3YJ259QPFBA4TN?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Hopefully it you are looking for it you can still get it at Home Depot like someone else mentioned. But, I would jump on it soon as I don’t see it on the Home Depot website, so it may only be available if a store has some in stock.

They must be running out of the amount of systems they built on their original orders. They may be going through an evaluation of the product and if they want to make upgrades before building anymore starter kits.

This may be a good thing where they upgrade some of the sensors or hub or maybe even add a camera to the core starter kit in the future?? Or it could be that their business model going forward is to only offer the build your system approach. They may have found this was the best way to be able to keep their prices low on everything going forward???