Home Monitoring order -- beware misleading language for inclusions

On the Wyze home monitoring main site, one can find links to the “Core Starter Kit” that purports to be included with the price of an annual subscription. This kit includes a keypad, sense hub, and three sensors. However, if you select an annual plan and go to checkout, you will find no such Core Starter Kit in your cart or any other mention of said Kit.

I entered into a lengthy (60+ minute) chat to ascertain what is going on here and the short answer is the following: “Included” does not mean included. Even though Wyze claims to include the five items mentioned above if you purchase an annual subscription, in reality only the sense hub is included. All other items are charged at regular prices.

If you are interested, please refer to the tome of a chat I have included that even delves into the definition of literally. (I do not know if the screenshots will still work, but you can easily check for yourself if the site has not been changed already.) https://anonymshare.com/WNbo/wyze-chat-1-28-22.pdf

Caveat emptor.

That’s been a problem for sometime and is false advertising by Wyze. I told them about this months ago and they never fixed the website. There is also a section in the FAQ that says if you switch from monthly to annual Wyze will refund the cost of the starter kit, also false.

The product doesn’t even work correctly. If you have an issue they just close the ticket without a resolution.

Yes…I’ve seen that in multiple posts. The other “solution” from Wyze support is to replace the hub which fixes nothing.

Exactly. Support has been utterly useless on this.

Wow, I thought the same thing, a year of monitoring plus the starter kit(hub, sensors and keypad) was like 59.99.i came so close to ordering since it was such a good deal.
Now wyze looks very shady.

Thanks for confirming. Seems there is quite a bit of misinformation on the Wyze site.

Agreed. That was exactly my thought, and it was only compounded by the surreal back-and-forth with the rep.