Wyze Week Home Monitoring Deal Makes No Sense

The “standing promotion” for getting a home monitoring bundle with 1 year of service costs $60 for 1 year of monitoring and $40 for “core starter kit” - so $100 total.

Wyze Week’s home monitoring deal is for a free Sense Hub, but once you add the other components of the “core starter kit” a la carte, it ends up being $114 total…

I was waiting for home monitoring day with Wyze hoping to get a good deal, but it seems like the normal everyday purchase price is somehow better… Am I missing something??


You get a few items with the kit,and you do save when you pay for it up front

What do you mean you save if you pay up front for it? It’s $100 vs $114…? Do you mean the subscription? I’m assuming you pay up front for the subscription in both scenarios as that is what unlocks both deals.

I guess adding to my confusion is that the bundle deal says “savings of $40” but the sense hub is listed as at a retail of $40, so in theory they should be IDENTICAL prices (because the wyze week deal is free sense hub - or another $40 off deal), but they ring up $14 more expensive for the Wyze Week deal…

If go to the site,you save over $30.00 off of equipment, and you get 1 cam + free…I just went to www.wyze.com and looked

That’s my point though. That deal is for the normal everyday deal for home monitoring. That is not the Wyze Week deal.

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I see what you are saying @Mgmny. I was waiting for this day as well to purchase the system. After comparing the 2 pricing. If I just brought it without the deal I would free shipping, 20 bucks less and 1 less Entry sensor or 20 bucks more, no free shipping and 1 extra entry sensor. I’m kind of confused as well. :frowning:

Edit: I just ended up buying it through the normal site and not through the promo. It was cheaper.