Wyze Home monitoring preorder- very confused on what comes with it!

I just pre-ordered the Wyze home monitoring kit and am confused on what actually comes with it. When I go to click on pre-order it shows the core kit etc…but if you go to the main site and scroll down it will show that it comes with the core kit and also additional equipment for the same price of $59. This is very confusing. I have spoken with the customer support and they stated that the additional equipment does not come with what I purchased. Because I am new user I can only attach one file, so attaching the one that shows the bigger bundle directly from the site. If you click on pre-order it will show that the package has much less for the same price…

Here is the other screen shot of what I ordered. Thanks in advance!

I can see what you’re saying. It is just a badly designed comparison table that makes it look like the price totals are including all the additional hardware too. This should help to clarify:

Basically, you just got the starter kit and will get 2 entry sensors and 1 motion sensor and no cameras. The additional equipment cost wasn’t included in the total. If it was then the comparison totals would be showing as:

$108 (Wyze) vs $631 (Other company) for the first year.

Hope that helps make more sense. You are right that their table is really confusing, especially putting the total price underneath the additional equipment prices.


Amazingly explained! Thanks man. It does make sense.

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