No sensors without monitoring?

Am I missing something, or are motion sensors and entry sensors no longer available to purchase without purchasing a monitoring plan?

You aren’t missing anything. Currently the HMS starter kit with the hub, motion and door sensors is only available with the subscription. Allegedly, they will be sold standalone at some point. You can buy the sensors but not the hub. Without the hub, you can’t use the sensors.

That’s too bad, sort of like ADT-Lite. I wish the Wyze folks would realize that there are people who need to know if a door opens or if there is movement in a certain area of the house but don’t need to call the police about it. As a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s, I am constantly in that situation and now that some of the original sensors (V1) that I had are not functioning, I’d love to replace them. Sadly, looks like I’ll need to start all over with some other company and replace all my sensors and cameras if I want to have one unified system. Bummer.


Don’t quote me on this, but I believe there was a bit of a workaround, where you could purchase the kit, pay for one month of service then cancel the service and continue using the equipment in stand-alone mode.


Hmmmm, that might be worth exploring. Thanks.

I was going to suggest the same thing. They had a sale a short time ago to buy the starter kit for $49.99 at Home Depot with six months of monitoring included. Seems to be back to a much higher rate at the moment.

I use mine in permanent TEST mode because I don’t want /need police and only want to know if a door is opened or to control lights and such.


Take a look at’s sensors. Better known on Amazon as Yolink product line. Wide variety. I am finding more and more uses for them. Range is 1,000 feet. Yep, said that right. And I heard recently, they care coming out with a camera in about 3 months. No price info yet. Very reliable sensors.


Appreciate the heads up. I’ll watch for their camera to appear as well as watching to see if Wyze does start offering the sensors without a required subscription.

Just to expand on what @Sam_Bam said, I too have started using some of the Yolink/YoSmart sensors and am so far impressed. They have the ability to link the sensors to switches and plugs to activate them with or without internet/cloud service. I started using them primarily because of the long-range access. Put them in my shop which is about 300’ from the house and they work really well.


I appreciate the information. I’ve looked at their product list and it’s pretty impressive.

Thanks for the heads up. I am getting disappointed about Wyze not having any rules for the hub to trigger anything but the low volume on the unit itself if the alarm is set off. I am paid up until April, if no change by then I will need to search for other options too.

Go to and look at their categories of products. They cover a wide range of functionality.

They just made available their Speakerhub. I already bought it and have been “exercising” how to use it where I want it. :slight_smile: It doesn’t need to physically, repeat, need not physically connect to the Yolink hub. You create rules based on single or multiple triggers from the sensors or devices. You can move the speakerhub where you want it, so you hear it.
It simply needs 5V USB power.

And they have a siren for their security system. I remember people wanting the Wyze HMS siren to be separate - away from the hub so a burglar could not disable/break the hub when they found the siren. You can have more than one speakerhub and siren.

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