Purchase Individual Motion Sensors

Just received my Wyze Sense Kit. I am amazed at how small they are and how well they work. Wondering when will we be able to buy the motion sensors individually?

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Same here. Wish I could have bought a 20 pack.

We’ll have that soon! Keep an eye out for announcements from us in the upcoming weeks. The official launch is approaching! :slight_smile:

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Hi, Checking back to see if the option to buy motion sensors separately is available now? I’m able to see them on the ‘Shop’ page, only as part of the Wyze Sense package along with the entry sensors.


You can purchase motion sensors individually, I have posted the link below and you will see the option for ‘Sense Single Motion Sensor’.

**Please note however that to use the motion sensor requires a bridge plugged into the back of a cam and currently the bridge is only sold with the kit.


Thanks, Jason!

Thank You.