Any option to buy motion sensors and a bridge without buying contact sensors?

I would like to install some motion sensors at home, but they require a bridge that is only included in packages with the “Sense starter kit”, which also includes two contact sensors.

Does anybody know of an option where I can buy the bridge by itself??

Don’t think so. The only other way is the Smart Home Starter Pack which is a good deal when it’s on sale if you have a need for the bundled stuff.

Of course you could always try to buy used; I think people trade on this forum sometimes.

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I have the same question, why can’t I buy more motion sensors?

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Yes, this is strange. I’d like several motion sensors, but I don’t need twice that many contact sensors!

No, @atc, your need is covered.

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Where is the link to purchase them

Bad time, they’re about to replace the sensors and bridge.

Wyze sense make us love the products… are they having new ones? we need info! (I need more) … I am holding to buy products until I know the future of sense… with v3 same as any other brand… why Wyze?