Wyze Sense unbundled?

Will it be possible to buy the Wyze Sense components separately ?
At home, I may need only 1 bridge, 3 motion detectors and, perhaps, 25 doors/windows sensors. So far, I only see ads for Wyze Sense as a bundle (1 bridge, 1 motion sensor and 2 doors/windows sensors).

What was sold as part of an early access program was the “Starter Kit”. My understanding is there will be other purchase options available, but Wyze hasn’t announced anything publicly yet.

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In the Wyze app > Shop > Wyze Sense Starter Kit, scroll to the bottom and you can see a small graphic that says “Expansion kits coming soon” listing a single motion sensor and a 4-pack of contact sensors.

No prices are listed but I can only imagine the 4-pack of contact sensors will be in line with the cost of a starter pack around $20.

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I never noticed that detail about expansion packs. Thank you

No problem, it’s hidden away at the bottom so it’s easy to miss.

I thought about ordering 2-3 starter kits since I’ll eventually want 3 motion sensors and about 20 contact sensors, but I figured I’ll see how the sensors work first and order more sensor packs as needed later.

any news on the expansion kits? It has been over 3 months now. I just feel that it is a waste to get the starter kit again (bought two already) just because I am looking to add more motion sensors.