Wyze Sense Sensors

Can we order more motion sensors and/or door sensors?

Soooooon… Keep an eye on the products page for when they are available. :slight_smile:

As an early backer, I’d suggest holding off till you get more robust itfff applets (scheduling & time since triggered) or full alexa integration. Until that happens, I have no use for the ones I’ve ordered and I suspect you will some disappoint early adoptors

Tomorrow 12 EST

Any idea on what the expansion kits contain? Are there several configurations of kits? I’d like another hub but don’t necessarily need more sensors at this point,

I’ve got to v2s set up far enough from each other that sharing the Hub is an issue.

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I also would like to acquire an additional bridge or two. Two of my sensors (one Contact and one Motion) are far enough away from the Host camera (the one with a bridge) that alert/event performance is spotty.

Noon on the East coast of the gud ole, USA 16 mins away!

Sales are on which platform(s)?

  1. Wyse App Shop button?
  2. Wyse Website / products Store?
  3. Amazon?

Only online here ATM. They’ve been selling for hours now, and it isn’t noon yet ET.



GotchA on the start tim e!


I got my Wyse Sense Kits, too! (12:20-12:40 pm EST.)