Sell Individual Contact Sensors

I have a need for a couple of additional sensors, but don’t need to buy the 4-pack. Need to have an option to buy individual sensors, or at least a 2-pack rather than the minimum 4-pack.

I’m at work so I cant view the shop to post the link, but I have done just that from the Wyze shop. I purchased just a motion detector.

NOT looking for individual motion sensors, I want to purchase individual contact sensors.

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I think due to the size and low cost of the contact sensors the 4-pack ended up being the best balance between price and packaging.

I had two contact sensors still in the box because I didn’t need them, but having a couple spares came in handy when one died and another was damaged. Now I have one spare with a missing magnet because a magnet from another sensor fell off and I couldn’t find it :slight_smile:. So at least for me, an extra $10 is worth it to have a couple spares.

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When you say one died, how did a magnetic contact sensor die?

Just stopped responding entirely. No blinking orange LED when opening/closing, no contact with the bridge, no change after removing and replacing the battery and trying to reset with the pin. It was replaced under warranty so no complaints there.

The damaged one was because the adhesive came loose and the sensor got caught between the (heavy) door and (solid) frame. It wasn’t pretty. But, that wasn’t a hardware defect so no warranty replacement on that :grin:. Thankfully I had a spare ready to swap in, now with Command Strip backing.

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I remove the factory adhesive and use heavy-duty, double-sided tape to fasten my sensors. The original didn’t look like it would hold for long, especially on the small magnet.

TLDR: Customers should be able to buy as many sense contact and bridge units as needed, much like it happens for the motion sensor… I was a bit surprised to not find them for sale as single units that could be added to the cart.

Longer explanation:

In the store on the Home Monitoring & Automation – Wyze page, customers can buy a sense kit, a single motion sensor, or a pack of 4 contact sensors. Currently there is no option that would allow a customer to buy sense bridges (camera receivers… the ones that are attached to the back of the Wyze camera), or contact sensors in single unit increments.

Because of that, at this time a customer needing 9 sense contact would have to buy 12, if needing multiple camera bridges they’ll have to buy as many starter kits as they need bridges (which will come with 3 extra items that may or not be needed). Not the most efficient way to acquire camera bridges :wink:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have merged your topic with this one. You might also want to go vote on this topic. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. That should be also applied to the sense contact as well… didn’t want to create multiple entries for each sensor and I didn’t find this topic when I searched through the wishlist. Or would’ve have voted and added my post here. Thanks for merging the post DPR! :slight_smile:

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When would you need multiple bridges, other than at different locations?

The need to buy a new kit w/bridge when you just need extra sensors is crazy and not very customer orientated.

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You can buy extra sensors without the bridge. They also sell individual motion sensors and 4 pack of contact sensors.

Not true. You can’t buy individual contact sensors. You have to buy a 4-pack. I don’t need 4, I need one!!!

Everything I said was true. I never said you could buy individual contact sensors. I was correcting you, because your comment made it sound like you thought you couldn’t buy any sensor without buying a bridge. :slightly_smiling_face:

I stand by my original message, no customer consideration.

Hmm. I think the tape is not strong enough. Had the same experience, the sensor flew off from door frame when closing it, the magnet pushed it off…

I have multiple bridges so I can place a bridge on each end of my house so that all my sensors have strong signals.

That is my reason for needing multiple bridges.

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They made it clear that it was designed to need only one bridge per house. I would pick a midpoint somewhere. But I guess if it works…

I wonder if there may be some signal interference though.

No customer consideration = $20 per contact sensor, like Samsung and others.

Or $50 for the cameras.

I stand by Wyze. :slightly_smiling_face: