Sell Individual Contact Sensors

Signal interference is very possible when you take into consideration thick walls, brick, and lots of metal. Like steel doors and frames along with your metal heating ducts with a furnace can possibly cause signal interference. Therefore, an extra bridge can definitely help under such circumstances to improve a sensors signal.

It is true a bridge is designed to work with a 100 individual sensors which is more than most people will ever need in a home.

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I have sensors on my garage door and until I added a second bridge due to interference they had some issues. No fault of WYZE so I added a second bridge. Some people have sensors in their mailbox out at the road, so it depends on each persons use what they need. I was just giving an example of why someone would buy more than one. I actually have a third but that is just to test and mess around with, wife gets mad when I dismantle the system to test something.


I was talking about signal interference from having multiple bridges. Maybe their signals would cross or something. I’m just trying to think if there are any drawbacks to using multiple bridges. If not, maybe I’ll buy another :thinking:

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It’s my understanding that a Bridge connected to a camera can trigger video recording events on that camera. How can a single bridge be used across multiple cameras? I’d be interested to know if a single bridge would allow all the wyze devices to communicate with each other… say a motion sensor is triggered and the bridge would make all cameras record an event, plus turn on all wyze lights and turn on a wyze plug (where I could connect a loud siren. Can that be accomplished with a single bridge? :thinking:

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Yes, you can do that with only one bridge.

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yes, you can do that with a single bridge. think of the bridge as a hub. all the sensors are routed through the bridge and the bridge communicates through the camera it is plugged into directly speaking with your account. the plug and the bulbs all act WITHOUT the bridge but are still connected to your account. all that you describe would be possible with a single bridge and however many sensors you require ( assuming signal strength is good) by using the rules features in the app.

an example would be,

motion sensor A detects motion> trigger garage camera and kitchen camera to record, trigger Wyze bulbs A,B,C,D, to turn on to full brightness and white color, trigger kitchen plug and garage plug to turn on.

and just an FYI, currently in beta testing is the ability to set time frames for rules and triggers. for instance, the example above would only trigger between 2200-0700 Mondays and Wednesdays ( or whatever your scheduling needs might be) so that might help you out quite a bit with the proposed set up as well.


Thank you @Bam :slight_smile:

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Would it be possible for Wyze to sell both motion and regular sensors individually? I would like to cover the rest of the house without having to buy an entire kit each time. How many of each sensors can be pared to one bridge?

Also I really think a plug in siren needs to be made, to just plug into a smart plug and have it automate and alert. For examp: Lets say your sleeping at night and someone suddenly breaks in and your deep into space …you’re not going to hear a thing, that could be your own life.