Sense stops working after a couple weeks

So I have had my wyze sense (1 of them) in a hallway for a month + now… I have it triggering a lutron caseta switch on movement (when kids leave their rooms at night).
It works great… I really like it (delay is way too long tho).
When it works its great… However twice now. About every two weeks it suddenly stops working all together. The only way to get it working again is to delete it from Wyze and re add it. Nothing else seems to work…
Anyone else experiencing this or know of an easier way to 1. not have it happen or 2. resolve it without complete removal and re-add?


Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, please file a Support Request. Depending on the nature of the problem, rather than use the website link, it is helpful to submit an App Log and/or a Firmware Log.

Hey Loki,

Please stop with the canned responses. Before you tell another member of this forum to do something, try it yourself first. Sending a log via the app yeilds no confirmation nor does anyone from Wyze ever respond. This member deserves more than a quick canned response.

To answer the question labaere.ryan asked honestly, I bought the starter kit which came with the motion sensor, an extra pack of sensors and a campan. While I have not used the motion sensor, the sensors in general are unreliable to say the least. Please read this ongoing and unresolved thread:

I read on a post where a moderator posted that Wyze products should not be considered a home monitoring product. Really?

I have spent 5+ hours performing every test solution imaginable and to save you the time, you cannot rely on their sensors. Period, end of story.

Hmmm… I’ve had my Sense product since 1 May and, aside from needing to replace the adhesive foam and one bridge going off-line (both easily correctable), everything has worked flawlessly.

So, I can rely on them.

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Thanks for the reply Rick. The link I posted about the sensors showing false readings proves it’s an on going issue with some bridges/sensors. Congrats on having a reliable system. I wish I and others could say the same.

You’re very welcome. I’m always happy to provide a positive experience with a product that works great.

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@Dunginhawk, sorry to hear about that trouble! Have you contacted our support team about this?

@CheckSixPilot, the canned response that you are referring to is important because it includes the website link and also lets people know that Wyze employees may not see this post. This was added in after the forum started due to it being necessary as people were understandably frustrated when they posted here expecting employees to respond but this is intended for user to user interactions so that doesn’t happen on most posts.

As for your issue with sending the log, what happens when you try to send one in? Do you have trouble sending it out or are you not receiving the reply email with a ticket number? For your sensor issue, have you used the web form outside of the app to contact our support team? It is linked in the response that Loki made or you can find it here.

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I havent opened a support case yet… Its not been a big enough deal… My thought is that it appears to be the sense bridge not communicating properly with the sensor vs the sensor itself. Its not that far away but its possible its having communication issues. ill try to send the log.

Thank you! This definitely shouldn’t be your experience and we’d love to help improve this for you. We’re glad that you reported it! :slight_smile:

Hi Gwendolyn,

I wouldn’t be complaining about sending logs via the if it worked. Please be honest, have you tried sending logs via the app yourself? If so, do receive any notification either via the app or by email that your support request has been received?

I have sent many logs via the app which then opens my web based email app (Gmail) and have never received a confirmation or verification. Nor has anyone replied to any of my log submissions. What bugs me is that I doubt very much you or any other mod have tried it yourself. So to tell others to do something that doesn’t work is just wasting our time and giving us false hope that anyone at Wyze is even receiving our logs.

So be honest, have you tried it yourself and more importantly, have you ever received a confirmation or verification of your submission?

Hey Webauthor, just for clarification, the logs being referred to are vastly different then the support request form mentioned. the logs are just that, information sent to the developers to tell them that there has been an issue, including your personal description of the issue and the information of the cameras and system being used so that the Devs can replicate the issue, or if needed see any common threads among issues that are reported in mass.

and yes, as a beta tester I have submitted quite a few logs successfully.

the support form that Gwendolyn linked to is the actual support request. so for instance if you have a camera that out of the box has a horribly blurry picture due to a mechanical fault or something along those lines that would fall under the replacement category you would fill out a support ticket. generally this would not go to the Devs, the support team would be the one to process that. the support form would give you a ticket number and confirmation. not the logs

So wait, if you send in a log from within the app, it’s just for devs to look at. In other words, don’t expect a verification email, a confirmation of the log being received, a new ticket to be opened? Is that why you’re saying?

For beta logs, they’re just for the devs for fixing bugs. Logs from released versions are open tickets. And yes, when you started reporting this, I sent in logs and received the responses that should have occurred. I take these reports seriously and will immediately try to replicate an issue. But if I can’t replicate it, I have to rely on help from the community so I can send in reports. That’s why I ask questions about the experience. :slight_smile:

As a quick obvious answer check because I’ll be asked about these, did you send the email that the log form generated? And what app version are you currently using?