Issue with HMS arming either home or away when sensor is open

I have my WyZe HMS in test mode. I am having an issue understanding why my WyZe HMS will allow the system to successfully arm when a selected sensor is open. I.E. if front door is open, the system will still arm even though app shows sensor is open.
Does anyone have insight on how to address?

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I have discovered that myself.

It is peculiar why the system will let you arm when a sensor (door/window) is in the open state. Perhaps the thought is that a user would take a visual check of the app’s main screen to see if nay sensors are open prior to going into the monitoring tab and selecting one of the arming options.

I do hear the hub mentioning that it is arming, and that a sensor is open (or something along those words) to let you know… however, I do not hear it say that on the keypads, and yes, I think it is fairly late at that point for HMS to let you know that one of the sensors is still open…

I just installed the HMS and wondered the same thing. I purposely left the back door open and hit the “home” button on my keypad and the system started to arm. I was afraid it would send an alarm to the monitoring service so I disarmed it. Does anybody know what happens if it gets all the way through the arming process?

I like that “feature”. I can arm the system even before the garage door has completely closed.

It mentions the scenario on the screen of the app. Then, once the garage door has closed, the system is fully armed.

I haven’t tested it, but, I imagine ONLY that sensor is not functional UNTIL the sensor is in the “closed” position.

I agree as long as the feature doesn’t end up sending an alarm. I just wish it would tell you what sensor is not closed when I hit the “home” or “away” button on the keypad. I guess I can check the app.