Home security flaw

My security system has been in close to a year and generally works as it is supposed to. That said, I found a major flaw last night that has apparently gone unrecognized since inception.
I left my garage O/H door & side door open to dissapate the heat. I forgot to close it before bed. As usual I armed the system before bed and there was NO indication of an ‘open’. I realized the error this morning.
How and why does the system allow you to arm it while in fault mode? Every high-end system refuses to arm with an ‘open’. However, you can always allows you to manually override, A forced override would have been my reminder to close the doors. If I open the app and scroll thru every device I could see if the item was open or closed, but that shouldn’t be necessary. Is there an audible/visual fix for this?


This has been recognized by HMS users in the past and a solution has been requested. I voted for both. You can follow the links :point_down: below to the Wishlist topics, vote for them, and then add a post at the bottom of you want.

If you are arming from the keypad, there is no warning or notification of an open sensor. However, if you arm from the app, it will give you a visual indication of a sensor left open:


Hey SlabSlayer,

Thanks for the ‘heads-up’ on this issue. I didn’t want to add a new post but couldn’t find a similar topic with SEARCH. You clarified that there are many.
Two questions - 1. How could I have narrowed my original search for this problem, and.
2. I am unable to locate the topic in Wishlist to add my 2 cents. What am I doing wrong with my searches?
Again, thanks for your reply.


The two wishlist topics are linked already above :point_up:. All you would need to do is click on the Cyan title and it should take you to that topic. Place your vote at the very top and then go to the bottom to add your post.

If you search for “Arm with sensor open” you should get some good results. Here is a link to that search:


If you just want to search the wishlist only, or the roadmap, place “Wishlist” or “#roadmap” in the preamble of the search. This is what that would look like:

Here is a link to that search:


Thank you again. Your help is much appreciated.

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