Entry sensor sound on sense hub for both Open AND Close

By default, the sense hub plays a sound when entry is detected but does NOT have any option to play a sound when closed.

Please create an option within the sensor, sense hub settings, OR rules to permit this. Thanks!

And might I add that the Close Chime should preferably be a DIFFERENT tone from the “open” chime. :slight_smile:


…both open and close should work without an HMS subscription.


I agree with this and all extra comments. It would be a nice feature to have in the Wyze app. (Voted)

But will also comment that you can achieve all of the above with Alexa routines, should you use Alexa. You can use Alexa announcements (Alexa Says) or sound announcements with the built in sounds

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You can use Alexa, but I think “tunes” works locally, without an internet connection. I can’t test that theory since “tunes” stopped working for me recently and I don’t have an HMS subscription so I cannot check the settings. I think after a period of time, after my HMS subscription expired, all of my settings disappeared from the Wyze cloud and caused the alert to stop working.

They do work locally (with an HMS subscription).


Thought so…since it is a hub/sensor thing. Thanks for confirming.


Good point

Where are the “tunes”? I found an area to “Tune settings” to tweak which devices/sensors play the one sound. Is that what you guys are referring to? Or is there another setting that lets us change the sound being played?

Thanks as usual for the help!

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Tunes settings are located only in one place: Wyze app Home > Monitoring > Home Monitoring Settings > Tune Settings