Google Home - voice announce when sensor opened

Hi trying to see if it possible to get google home to announce when a sensor or motion has been detected? I have a sensor on the garage that when opened I would like google home to say “Garage door open”. If anyone has and ideas it would be appreciated


Hello @spidey4 and welcome to the community.

I have looked for ways to do this with WYZE and other systems, I have not found an easy way and the issue seems to be the way Google handles things. I can get Alexa to do it but have never got Google to.

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Agreed. I’ve looked into it and it doesn’t seem to be supported in Google’s ecosystem. Not something Wyze can really add. Hopefully Google will expand the capabilities soon.

Thank you both. Looks like I have to wait on a Google fix.

Information on how to do this is here. But it’s so complicated to set up, you may find it not worth the trouble.

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