Wyze notificaton beyond phone

in my perfect world if my garage door is left open for more than 5 mins, I would expect Google home or some more audio visual device to notify me not just my phone, If my motion detection sensor detects motion, I would like to hear it, I am a google home user with Nest door bell and I love the google home voice notifications for next doorbell, I bought nest doorbell because Wyze did not make any yet :frowning:

let me know if any of you have a IFTTT applet or something similar but if Wyze decide to make a google hub kind of device to have a cute little dashboard I would love to buy it.

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I don’t believe Google Assistant is available as an action in IFTTT (if motion detected then speak this phrase), only as a trigger (if I speak this phrase do this).

Some people work around this by sending the notification to a service that can then use Google Home as a speaker, for example Home Assistant can send arbitrary text to Google Home to be spoken. You could also choose a different way to be notified like email, popup on your phone, etc. I’m not sure why Google allows other services to speak text but not IFTTT.