Add a loud Siren (also integrated with HMS)

I appreciate your time to respond, what is not clear to me is if it is possible to tell me which one you chose from powered alarm / siren If you can tell me any mark or if you have a photo of the alarm to guide me

Folks, I have implemented a solution for this. It’s not nearly as straightforward as if there were a smart siren/alarm, however it’s effective and pretty straightforward. So sharing in case this is helpful to your needs… My application: I have a special-needs child who is a flight risk, especial…

Sorry, but I think your product let’s me down in one critical area. Very important. I have an outhouse, I want to secure it with one of your alarms at night. I want to know if a burglar gets in. You would think this is possible?
Well picture this. I am in bed, asleep, the burglars enter, Your device sends an alert, but my phone is ion sleep mode - I just carry on sleeping, the burglars rob me.
So you say to me turn of sleep mode on my phone? Now I get woken not only by your notifications, but by every notification I receive at night. Hardly practical. It’s gonig to be very likely that ytour customers will sleep through the critical notification because they are =bombarded with notification noises at night. As far as I know there is no way for ONLY Wyzcam alerts to break through sleep modes.
Solution - create a Wyze smart alarm. This is a physical device that sounds when the alert is triggered in the system. I could plug one in near my bed. Problem solved.
As far as I can see until you produce this ytour device has a mission critical flaw, and will not stop night burlgaries. This is important.

I definitely think a siren is a great idea for a new product. But I wonder if this product could kill two birds with one stone and be a loudspeaker as well? Ideally it could do both (And be outdoor-rated.)

I know I could buy an outdoor smart speaker or something, but those are all a lot more expensive than this would need to be, I think. Plus I’d have to switch to a different app if I wanted to talk to someone, so I wouldn’t be able to see the video at the same time. Audio quality doesn’t matter at all for something like this. It just needs to be loud, with enough clarity to distinguish a human voice. Crappy landline phone-ish audio is fine.

I presume that the upcoming outdoor camera will probably have a built-in speaker, as the current indoor cameras have. But frankly, they’re just not very loud. In an outdoor setting, especially, someone 15-20 feet from the camera may not hear it at all, especially if there’s ambient road noise, etc.

Anyway, I hope both of these products come to the market, but they may be able to be the same product.

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Sounds good to me. Meanwhile I have cancelled my order as the Wyzecam cannot perform the basic function of reliably informing me of intruders at night

Has anyone figured out how to make the speaker on the Wyze cameras make a noise when detecting motion? Better yet how about a noise on Alexa? Seems suprising Wyze has not addressed this I would gladly pay for a separate speaker tha could make a noise based on a motion from a camera or motion sensor?


See this related #wishlist topic:


Having read the comments and suggestions some of you, perhaps, are asking way to much from a $20 camera so think outside the box. Here’s my solution for folks who turn off their phone at night, thus not hearing notification, folks who want a loud siren or who otherwise wish to be advise of a trigger event from a camera, contact or motion sensor. Simple and it’s working for me! Set the Camera desired to trigger “turn on a plug” and plug whatever you want into that plug be it a siren, a radio or other audible source that, of course, plays/goes off when turned on. I too would like a compatible Wyze siren/audible alarm but in the meantime, this work-around is working great! Examples available upon request.


Here’s how I fudged a solution. I used an old mobile phone, mounted it in a useful and central location, and plugged in a speaker. I downloaded 2 audio files and stitched them together (using free software) to get a 30 second “warning” track followed by a 5 minute blaring alarm. That way if I forget to disarm the system before coming home, I get that 30 second warning to walk up to the “base” and disable the alarm from there.

This solution gives me the home alarm speaker, and a basic alarm base, but I can arm/disarm from my mobile, too. It’s not a 110dB speaker, but it shouldn’t be hard to get an always-on loud speaker.

Though it would be more expensive that other solutions, but I had the phone and speaker already. Plus, I can use that phone for playing music in the main room.

Quick question: What triggers the phone to play the audio files?

The phone is running Android. You can specify the notification file to use for each app independently. So I downloaded the 2 files to my PC, stitched them together, then loaded them on the phone. Then I had to go to the phone’s settings end select that file as the notification sound for the Wyze app.


Thanks so cool!! I never thought of that but I can do the same on my iPhone too. Thanks for the tip!!!

I purchased a Honeywell, Dual Tone Outdoor/Indoor 119 decibel Siren from Amazon for about $25 and hooked-it-up with the Wyze Smart Plug.

My challenge is waiting for the next series of Wyze Trigger conditions iterations in hopes to construct an algorithm that will be durable and robust enough to only active in a real alarm situation to protect the family and not irritate our neighbors with false alerts.

I also hope to find a loud and clear, digital Voice Announcer that would activate as a subset trigger condition, before another trigger condition goes full scary loud Siren. I was thinking, a cycling, “Intruder Detected” message would be good. I wanted a different device than using the Wyzecam’s speaker as not to draw attention to it, as it might get smashed, damaged or taken by the intruder - poof no more stored video on the SD card.

The third-party IFTTT service is simply is not a viable solution for this measure for many reasons, but watching the Wyze team’s progress in such a short time period, they will get there.

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It would be cool if Wyze could integrate a siren into the base station they are creating for the Outdoor Cams

Since the outdoor cam is supposed to come for early access in December, the hardware would already be set in stone at this point. But I’m not sure if that makes much sense anyway. The base station, I assume, would be something that stays indoors. If you want it to integrate with the outdoor cameras, I don’t think you’d want an indoor siren.

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Wyze please add a siren to your new outdoor cam. Thanks


I’d like a siren on the outdoor camera that they’re making

Totally agree. A siren should be a must new product for Wyze ecosystem.

And, I could add also remote control with basic buttons (Arm, Disarm, Home and Panic) for those persons who are not so good with phones… thinking to our parents or grand parents.

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I would gladly pay for a Wyze siren/chime that could be connected to any Wyze door sensor, motion sensor or camera motion sensor. Plus the Panic botton idea just posted is at the top of the list too. Please add these item to your next devices deal and Wyze would take over the Market don’t you think…

It would be nice if Wyze made a chime/ siren for their cameras.

Yes this is needed once sensitivity can be complex enough to prevent false alerts on the cameras and the PIR sensors. I purchased camera but they trigger on light changes(dawn, dust, clouds), bugs, and are generally too sensitive for real world scenarios. Then I purchased the PIR sensors hoping they would suffice as a PERSON trigger since the camera settings are turned off…but the PIR sensors are too sensitive as well(trigger to wind moving water nearby. water is not a person) and trigger when my other yard lights with PIRs don’t trigger. If a siren is added this will cause a nuisance for neighbors and folks would ignore or call police on my property! I was planning on using the wifi outlet to turn on when pir alerts and have an AC powered siren to go off when it powers up…but thats on hold until PIRs or cameras actual trigger as intended.