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So far only 1 of the 3 or 4 new WL posts has been approved.

I do have a similar but different question for you if you can… Last night a flying bug was identified as a person and set off the Siren Rule. Obviously, since Wyze is trying to be a Home Security solution, the AI needs to improve and be better at identification or there will be hundreds of FALSE Alarms.

I searched for open tickets about improving AI identification but really didn’t find anything relevant. You seem to be much better at finding those, would you send me a link to one where I can post the video, please? I uploaded the video here for you to see, turn up the volume and you’ll hear when the siren is activated.

The ai is far from perfect yet, but they do update it frequently and it really has improved! For submitting false detections, please click the “Submit this one video to Wyze” button at the bottom of the event video page, and tag it with insect. Thanks! Those submissions really do help!

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It is the weekend and the mods have tons of other submissions to look at and research. Give them some time. You will get a notification bubble on your avatar either way.

This does happen. The AI is not 100% accurate. Most of my false PD are spiders.

Because they get so close to the lens with the IR on, they take up a ton of real estate in the field, they look like a full sized object, and they get tagged, sometimes more regularly than desired. I can see why that moth got tagged.

The AI algorythims are updated on a monthly basis or more often as needed. As it has been suggested, use the Share with Wyze tool to retag the video as an insect and submit it for AI learning.

There aren’t going to be any wishlist items for general improvement if the AI model. There are those to add more specific AI ID of different objects (wildlife, etc), but for the standard model currently in place, the AI team is constantly working to improve it with the thousands of videos submitted.

All you will find in the forum is general discussion threads, like this one, about the AI. Most of the time there isn’t going to be Wyze involvement since this is a user-to-user discussion forum, so no open or closed tickets. Only Customer Service deals with those and only when there is a known bug or hardware failure. Most of the time users won’t see that unless another user posts it in a critical bug topic.

In the forum menu (triple bar :hamburger: stack), you will find the Category: Wyze AI. That will list all AI discussion topics sorted by the most recent post. You can scroll thru those to see if any meet your specific issue.

There was recently an AMA event with the AI team where they fielded questions from the gallery. @carverofchoice provides a phenomenal service by summarizing those events and posting the answers here in the forum. Worth the read:

Hope this helps!


A couple alternatives that might be helpful to reduce false positives…

  1. Use a dim LED light away from the cam to illuminate the field just enough to be able to use Color Night Vision. This would be the IR Night Vision Off. The IR emitters will not attract insects and bugs won’t be spotlighted near the cam.

  2. Use an IR floodlight away from the cam to illuminate the field. IR Night Vision in Auto Mode, but with the IR emitters Off. This will attract the bugs away from the cam and will not spotlight them since the IR source isn’t near the lens.

  3. I know if one user who is using a V2 Motion Sensor (PIR) with the Sense Hub to activate cam recording rather than allowing the cam to record and tag based on the cam pixellation algorithms. In the same manner, the same rule can activate the siren when it is activated by the PIR to record an event. You can use the IR NV and emitters in this case, but the added IR flooding the field will increase the sensitivity of the PIR sensor.

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I did that when I first found why it was mis-identified, I didn’t know if there was a more detailed way of submitting examples. Thanks.

Yeah, that’s what I did, but those topics were all over the board. I knew it didn’t belong as a WL item.

OK, that’s brilliant. My problem was there wasn’t enough light and the pixelated night vision would fail tagging a person. Also, I have a motion detection flood light by my front door, and when it came on it flooded the area so much with white light, once again the AI would fail to detect a Person. As you could see, I have a rather long porch, and I’m thinking a night light or low level IR light will illuminate enough to let the Night VIsion identify a Person before the Motion Detection Flood light is even triggered.
If that doesn’t work well enough, I’ll look closer at your #3 suggestion. I have never used the Sense Hub before, but from your description it appears it might just be the solution I’m looking for.

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Warning up front. You can’t buy the hub as a stand alone unit. It comes with the starter kit @ $99 and comes with a HMS subscription. You can use it without the subscription, but the keypad becomes useless. Many buy the kit at the big box stores with a free 6mo subscription and never activate the sub.

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Oh, wow… I had no idea. I have liked that you have constantly offered “out-of-the-box” creative alternatives…that’s right up my alley. I’ve always tried to turn off the camera’s IR night light because it does attract so many spiders, and flying insects. Your idea about putting in independent low level lighting got my brain thinking about how and where and what is best for the camera’s view. Seriously, when I bought my first V2 cam 3 or 4 years ago, I certainly wasn’t thinking about whole Home Security. But the better the cameras have become has made me reevaluate how to strategically position and use their features. Finding someone like you with creative alternatives turns this from a silly hobby into an actual resource for protecting my household. And a rather low cost one at that. I appreciate the effort you’ve put in with your responses. Thanks!

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Thanks for the kudos! But this forum has some REAL rock stars in it that are light years beyond what I have done! You will be amazed by some of the ingenuity, resourcefulness, and sheer genius of some of the users here!

From off grid application to custom fabrication, cam modification to insane application, it’s all here!

My gateway into the Wyze ecosystem was the Sense Hub because I was shopping for a DIY no wire security system for an old house I am renovating. Once I got hooked on the smart home concept, I went shopping… Again and again!

Now, rather than focus on the limitations of any of the IoT out there, I focus on how I can make it do what I want it to do.

Hook those lights up to a smart :nerd_face: :electric_plug: plug and you can run all kinds of schedule and trigger routines!

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and loud enough. I have some Wyze version three cameras that you can hardly hear the siren. And of course the voice from Phone to camera is horrid. And more clarity