Activation of the Siren if a door,window, motion dection is activated

We would like that when a non-monitored event takes place, an automatic activation of the Siren and notication event is sent to the users if a door,window, motion dection sensor is activated when the Sense Keypad is in an armed home or away mode.

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If the sensor is within the Home or Away list of On-Duty Sensors, it will be activating an entry delay and\or alarm response. If it is not in one of these lists, it is not included in any monitoring behavior and will not produce any HMS response except for a tone if it is turned on in that list.

Am I understanding that you would like for sensors that are not included within the Home and Away On Duty Sensor lists to activate a Cam Siren and send you a Push Notification only when the HMS is in the Home and Away mode?

Currently, I don’t see a way of being able to schedule a non-monitored sensor to activate a Cam Siren while the HMS is only in Home or Away without turning the cam off when the system is disarmed. Example: Wyze Rule A - When Non Monitored Sensor #1 Detects Motion (Trigger), Activate Cam #2 Siren (Action). Used in conjunction with 3 additional Wyze Rules [B, C, & D] - Rule B: When HMS Disarms (Trigger), Turn Cam #2 Off (Action), [cams cannot receive a Siren Activation command from rules when off]; Rule C: When HMS Arms Away (Trigger), Turn Cam #2 On (Action); Rule D: When HMS Arms Home (Trigger), Turn Cam #2 On (Action).

Alternatively, sensors that are non-monitored, not in the Home or Away On Duty Sensor List, can be used as triggers within Wyze Rules to trigger a Cam Siren and then limited by Time so that it only happens during a set time period. If you use the HMS Arming Schedules option, the times can coincide.

If the sensor is included in the Home and\or Away On Duty List, it will activate an Entry Delay or an Alarm Response. These two HMS triggers can then be used within Wyze Rules to activate a Cam Siren.

Notifications from any sensor, monitored or otherwise, on the other hand, can be controlled by Wyze Rules to only send a notification when the HMS is in the Home and Away mode. This will require 3 Rules. #1: When HMS Disarmed, Turn Sensor Notifications Off. #2: When HMS Armed Home, Turn Sensor Notifications On. #3: When HMS Armed Away, Turn Sensor Notifications On.

Re: Am I understanding that you would like for sensors that are not included within the Home and Away On Duty Sensor lists to activate a Cam Siren and send you a Push Notification only when the HMS is in the Home and Away mode?
Answer: Yes

That is currently not a feature possibility. Sensors are on all the time sending motion activation data back to the hub. The HMS part of the hub firmware uses the on duty sensor lists to determine if it is appropriate to start an entry delay or activate an alarm based on the system mode. Sensors don’t have the ability to read the system mode to determine if they should send a notification or activate a Cam Siren and Wyze Rules don’t contain If\And\Or logic.

If you would like to request that Wyze add this feature, that is handled thru a new topic post in the Wishlist. Go to the Wishlist, search the topics for one that matches your request. If you find one, vote for it at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your reply post to support the request. If you do not find a match, submit a new topic for approval.

The solution is a bit complicated but doable. It requires two smart plugs, a 110 volt siren, several rules that are triggered by the HMS mode of the alarm set for Home, Away, or Disarmed, and rules triggered by the non-monitored sensor events.

As noted above, create trigger rules Home and Away that have actions to turn on notifications for the non-monitored sensors.

For the siren effect, plug a 110 volt siren into a smart plug (labeled Siren), which is plugged into another smart plug (labeled On/Off), which is plugged into a 110 volt outlet.

The On/Off plug is turned on by the Home or Away rules. It is turned off by the Disarm rule.

The Siren plug is triggered on by a rule for each non-monitored sensor that records an event; however (and this is the magic) the Siren plug can only turn the Siren on when the On/Off plug is turned on. The Siren plug is basically able to only turn on when the On/Off plug is also turned on. You could also create a rule to have the Siren plug trigger one or more cam sirens to turn on.

As noted in following discussions, the above procedures depend on having a subscription for HMS monitoring services. If not subscribed, WYZE app shortcut rules will need to be written to imitate the Home, Away, and Disarmed modes when communicating with the WYZE sensor hub. The rule actions for each mode will need to address sensor notifications and the state of the On/Off plug.

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From a current or future customer’s perspective, why wouldn’t Wyze want to facilitate this feature? As far as I know all competitive home alarm systems (i.e. Simply Safe. etc.) do this. Perhaps the Wyze solution was the wrong one to purchase…??

Very creative! But… It seems much too Rube Goldberg-ish to be practical. Why not just write code to trigger the sensors to the Sense Keypad?

I haven’t seen any indication that other DIY Monitoring Systems allow non-included sensors to interact as triggers for Cam sirens and notifications based on the included mode of the system.

On the contrary. I have two bullhorn sirens plugged into Wyze Plugs triggered by Rules to activate under multiple trigger scenarios.

And, while they may seem complicated, consider the currently available alternative… nothing.

And when the system is Armed or Disarmed with the app? What then? I am not a Developer and I don’t write code. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult or easy it is to integrate a feature such as this. That is what the Wishlist linked above is for. And, if you look at how long some of the items have been on the wishlist, I wouldn’t be optimistic about seeing it developed and fielded quickly.

In the mean time, we work with what we have.

Perhaps i have described my need incorrectly. Currently i have the following items: a wyze sense hub, a sense keypad, multiple entry sensors & multiple cams. The sense hub already has a built-in siren. What i want is to have “the wyze system” (not including the cams) when in home or away mode, to trigger the sense hub siren when one of the entry sensors (not cams) is activated. Can this be done?

That is the way the HMS is designed.

In the Home Monitoring Settings → Home & Away, there are two lists. One for Home and one for Away. You designate which sensors will trigger the system in each of those modes. These are your "On Duty"lists for the Home and Away modes. When armed in Home or in Away, the designated sensors will trigger an Entry Delay if one is set, and then will trigger an Alarm Response which will sound the Hub Siren. You have control over which sensors have the ability to trigger the alarm.

You cannot sound the Hub Siren without an active alarm.

Confused? My interpretation of your response states: “that is the way is designed”, and then later you say: “the siren in the sense hub can’t be activated that way”. Which is it please?

I reread my last post and I don’t see anywhere where I typed that.

What I did say was:

That means that the siren within the sense Hub cannot be activated by any automation rules or triggers from outside the monitored sensor lists. It can ONLY be activated when the HMS Alarm is activated, in which case Noonlight will be notified (unless it is in test mode).

There is no way to use the hub siren in rules or routines like you can the Cam Sirens. The hub has no triggers or actions. Only the system modes, entry delay, and active alarm \ cancel alarm can be used as Rule triggers.

From your restated intent:

I understand that you want your sensors, while the HMS is in Home or Away mode, to activate the Hub Siren if those sensors open (contact sensor) or detect motion (motion sensor).

This is the basic design of the HMS.

In order to do that, the sensors you want to accomplish this must be included in the Home “On Duty” sensor list and\or the Away “On Duty” sensor list. You have to tell the HMS which sensors can do this in the Home & Away settings.

Non-monitored sensors, those that are not in the Home or Away list, cannot activate the hub siren or initiate an entry delay \ active alarm because they have been excluded from monitoring.

It just occured to me to ask, and this is important as this entire discussion is completely moot if you don’t, but…

  • Do you have an active HMS Professional Monitoring Subscription?

No I did not subscribe to this expense. I was planning on using the Siren to scare off any intruder.

Then please accept my apologies for all that above. I did not realize from your first post that you did not have a subscription. Ignore everything above.

There is NO self monitoring of the system without a subscription. All settings for the “HMS” are located in the monitoring tab, which is inaccessible without a subscription.

If you used to have a subscription, all settings that are currently in the HMS are locked away and cannot be modified.

The Hub ceases to operate in any way as a monitored security system without a subscription. No alarm, no siren, no settings, no monitoring, no way to change any settings that were in there when if did have a subscription.

The only thing that it can be used for without a subscription is as a communication hub for the sensors so that you can use Wyze Rules, Alexa Routines, IFTTT Applets, or whatever other 3rd party Home Automation platform you use to set triggers for the sensors and actions for other devices.

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