Solution for a Wyze security alarm?

I’d been trying to find a reliable way to tie my Wyze door and motion sensors into an alarm. Following a forum suggestion, I wired a 12V alarm & power supply into a Wyze socket and then set triggers for all of the sensors to turn on that socket; worked great, except that it was hard to arm & disarm - I had to go into each individual sensor and turn it on or off. I played around with rules and with Alexa and IFTTT scenarios but couldn’t find anything that would do what I wanted.

But I finally hit on a solution that I want to share with the community, in case others are trying to do this too. Here’s what I came up with: I plugged the Burglar Alarm Wyze socket into another Wyze socket (“Alarm Master”), and I can then arm/disarm the whole system just by toggling Alarm Master. When Alarm Master is off, Burglar Alarm is offline, so even if there’s a trigger event (e.g. door opened) there’s nothing to receive it. When Alarm Master is powered on, Burglar Alarm comes online and a trigger event will cause it to power the alarm.

To make it easier, I set up an ‘Arm’ rule that turns on Alarm Master, enables notifications for all the cameras & sensors, locks my doors, etc., and a ‘Disarm’ rule that turns off Burglar Alarm (in case it had been triggered), turns off notifications, and turns off Alarm Master. It’s been over a week now and it works quite reliably.

The one missing piece was a way to set off an alarm on my phone, so if I was away from home and the alarm was triggered I’d know about it. (It’s easy to miss the Wyze notifications.) So I set an IFTTT routine to honk a horn on my phone and send me a text message whenever the alarm is triggered. Works great so far!

It’s not terribly sophisticated and I know the Wyze devices aren’t as robust and reliable as a real security system, but if you just need something basic to tide you over until the new Wyze security system ships then I think this may do the trick.