How to Arm and Disarm multiple sensors/alarm

I’ve got Wyze sensors and motion detectors sprinkled throughout my house, and have an alarm activated from a Wyze plug. I set up rules to turn on the plug, thus activating the alarm, when motion is detected or a sensor opens. Works great! Only problem is disabling when I’m up and about and enabling it when I’m away/asleep: I have to go in and disable 15 different rules in order to disarm it, and then the same thing in reverse to arm it. Not feasible!

I can create a shortcut to turn off notifications for all sensors and MDs, but that doesn’t turn off the rules that activate the alarm: it still goes off, I just don’t get a notification on my phone. I need some way to disable/enable the rules that launch the alarm, or to disable the actual sensors/MDs.

I can’t believe I’m the first person to have tried this; has anyone out there found a solution?


FYI, I found a solution for this - see Solution for a Wyze security alarm?