Automating notifications with Life360 & IFTTT

I would like to be able to use Life360 & IFTTT with my Wyze Cams. For example, whenever the last family member leaves my home, Life360 will trigger IFTTT to enable all of Wyze Cam notifications. Also, Whenever the first family member comes home, Life360 will trigger IFTTT to disable all of the Wyze Cam notifications. In this manner, notifications will be automated and the Wyze Cams will act more like an alarm system.

Does the WyzeCam support any services like IFTTT, Smartthings, HomeKit?
The WyzeCam is only compatible with the Wyze App. It is not compatible with services like IFTTT, Smartthings, HomeKit, etc.

We understand this is a popular request from our customers. Our engineering team is evaluating this feature for future development.
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Hey folks! Yep, IFTTT and Alexa integration are features we’re looking into, and possibly work on fairly soon.

Let us not forget about Google Home.

how could i forget that? :wink:

will IFTT integration, for example, be delivered over a firmware update to existing cams? or are we talking about a brand new product with different hardware?

Buy smart plugs that support IFTTT and use them to turn off the cameras when you’re home.

I just bought a Sonoff Basic Switch and made a smart extension cord to use with my WyzeCam. Using IFTTT; my camera will now power down when I come home and power on when I leave the house. I can also tell Google Home to turn the Camera on of off. For less than $10 I added so much power and capability to my camera.

Your set-up sounds interesting. Unfortunately, with the cameras turned off, you lose continuous recording which is one of the features I utilize.

When I’m home I don’t need the camera that is pointed at the entrance to my apartment running. When I am home I will know if anyone walks in that door. My other camera points out the window at our parking area where my truck is as well as the walkway to the apartment. It does not send any notifications, and is never turned off.

I look forward to this potential feature.

It’s coming!

According to Engadget, a firmware update in March will add IFTTT support and compatibility with Amazon’s Echo Show and Echo Spot devices for looking in on your camera feeds

It’s April now… I don’t see this feature released yet. If any of you have figured out how to do it let me know I’d love to get mine configured.

I searched for Wyze through the IFTTT application and didn’t find any thing. ?

It’s here!

Yes and I have one turning off notifications when I’m home. Another to turning on notifications when I’m away. Works great!

I don’t see a different between turning on/off notifications and turning on/off motion sensing. I would have thought turning on/off notifications would not affect motion sensing.