Wyze IFTTT Notifications On and Off Actions

A word of caution about IFTTT Wyze Actions called “Notifications On” and “Notifications Off”. You may have thought that these affect your camera settings. In other words, if you choose the settings wheel for one of your cameras in the Wyze phone app, you will see a Notifications section where you can turn notifications on or off for that camera. The IFTTT action does NOT affect these settings. Rather on the home screen of the Wyze phone app, you will see a bell at the upper right. If you tap the bell, you will see “z z” overlayed. That is what the IFTTT Notifications On/Off actions do. The IFTTT actions would be better labeled “Snooze Wyze Notifications” and “Unsnooze Wyze Notifications”.

This was a promised feature years ago - still waiting. @WyzeGwendolyn do you remember saying this was coming soon, what was that 4 years ago.