Notification automation

Seems like in the previous version I could set notifications to turn on and off. The new version I only see how to turn notifications on. Am I missing something?

On an iPhone: when you open the Wyze app there is a bell at the top right of the screen. tapping on that will display the image with a line through it (notifications off) or without the line through it (Notifications on).

to see that they are on, click account at the bottom of the screen, then notification. this will show if it is on or off.

Hope this helps.

In the 2.0 app, you can also create shortcuts that can turn notifications on or off globally or per camera. The shortcuts can be triggered by a shortcut button or via schedule or camera event.

Which has notification priority, the bell or camera? Does having the camera notification on and the bell off does what? or having the camera notification off and the bell on does what?

The bell has priority. It turns off all notifications. If the bell is in on mode, then the individual camera settings apply. Think of the bell as a master mute switch.

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